How often have you been asked to “train light” so that you don’t look “manly”? Well, almost every woman who loves to workout has come across this. While how you should train or whether you should train like men is a discussion for another day, here are 5 things you’d totally relate to if you are a woman who trains.

You are always hungry…for protein

When you start working out, your appetite skyrockets. You always seem to want more food and for you, food becomes equivalent to protein. And that ends up making you eat weird food combinations. You go to great extents to meet your protein intake, even if that means having a peanut butter paneer sandwich.

When someone asks you, “Are you still hungry?”

You feel victorious when you lift more than a guy

Don’t you just break into an internal happy dance when you see yourself lifting more than the guy next to you? Well, you go, girl! We know it feels as if you are breaking years of patriarchy with every lift. Not really, but the feeling is just that satisfying, isn’t it?

When you lift more than the guy next to you

You look for a “Swolemate” not “Solemate”

Well, your perspective towards all possible boyfriends changes. Your tastes shift to more of the bulky and the beefy kind. That’s probably because it would be awkward later if you end up out-lifting him once you are dating. Also because “Swolemates” are the best gym buddies.

Relationship goals for you be like

Your way of dealing with a bad mood is different

Gone are the days when you’d resort to ice cream when feeling low. Slamming weights and hitting the gym becomes your new kind of therapy and it works. And when it doesn’t you just prefer punching someone.

The only therapy that works for you

Everything feels tighter and curvier

While people are busy pestering you with the question, ” Aren’t you scared of getting bulky?”, you enjoy how your body looks and feels. Your muscles shape up, you get the right curves and you just look awesome. You get curvy and toned and you like it.

Whenever someone points at your bulging muscles

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