“It’s that time of the month again. Oh period, why are you back? Do I really have to get down every month? Why only women have to suffer through this? Should I skip college? Should I skip work? Anyway, working out is definitely out of question. Not with these deadly cramps. I will be bleeding heavily if I do that.”

Pause. Right now. How many myths and stereotypes will you succumb to! Just because you started chumming today, you decided to ditch your workout? What happened to that strong independent woman who likes to break stereotypes?

Breaking the myth

Let’s get this out. Just because something is being said and followed for ages does not mean it is right. So, if your mother or that know-it-all aunt is telling you to dare not exercise while on your period, ignore them. And dare to break this myth. There’s is no logic behind that statement.

Now before you start rambling on about your cramps and heavy blood flow, let’s say this loud and clear- working out during your period will not worsen your pain. It’s the exact opposite. It would rather soothe your qualms. According to a study, more than half of the top female athletes of the world testify this statement.

Why it is better to workout while menstruating

Unlike the popular belief, how you feel during your period can get a lot better if you just head out and sweat a bit. It’s true. And unlike your know-it-all aunt’s words, this statement can be supported by logic. Here are five reasons to start working out while you are chumming.

1. Ease the period pain

Period cramps are every woman’s nightmare. They don’t let you sit, sleep, walk or move. But it’s high time you fight them. A steady workout can literally kick your cramps in the gut and shoo them away.

The increase in blood circulation experienced when exercising reduces cramping. To add to that, when you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain.

2. Don’t let your mood swing

It is very common to feel as if you are riding an emotional roller-coaster while on your period. And it’s more common to bear that just because it’s natural. No way.

Endorphins can help you here too. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. That’s why people also call them the “I’m feeling good” hormones. And you know where to get those endorphins from. Just sweat a bit.

Studies have proved that people with depression benefit from exercise as it boosts the mood. So why not apply that to battle the period blues?

3. Bid adieu to the bloat

Did you know that women are likely to retain 2-5 kilos of water just before their period? Now you do. And that’s the reason why you feel bloated when your period is around the corner.

Well, worry not. Drain out all that extra water in the form of sweat while on your period. As the water leaves your body, your bloat is relieved. Once that is gone, so is the discomfort and nausea you feel due to it.

4. Boost your performance

Now that all your period symptoms are gone, why not benefit a bit more?

A Umea University, Sweden study has shown that training in the first two weeks of your menstrual cycle, starting the first day of your period, actually optimizes your performance. It is better than exercising in the last two weeks of your cycle.

And you were thinking of ditching your workout!

5. Sleep a little better

The discomfort and pain that periods bring can make it hard for you to sleep. Couple this with the uncontrolled mood swings that keep you anxious.

Working out can solve this problem too. The post-exercise drop in body temperature can create sleepy feelings and also relax tense muscles. So go and workout. You owe it to your sleep.

Well, that’s it from us. We hope you won’t ditch your work the next time you get your period.

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