Winter is here. To many of us, it’s the most sedentary season ever. Snuggled up under the covers, you basically go into ‘human hibernation.’ Then comes the festival season, accompanied with cakes, drinks and all kinds of calorie dripping albeit delicious food.  

And after that hearty dinner, you go to bed. And you know there is no way, you’re getting up in the cold, cold morning, leaving the cozy confines of your bedroom to go workout. You tell yourself, you’re allowed to be comfortable and then when the new year arrives, you resolve to lose weight and get fit, just like you did last year.

There's no need to be glum!

Here’s a list of reasons why winter is the best season for exercise

1. It’s The Best Way To Keep Warm

The rise in temperature that accompanies exercise has a lasting effect which often lasts far longer than that session, way after you take off your trainers. This warm feeling also brings with it the soothing, calm post-exercise feeling, which is equivalent to taking a hot bath or warming your hands in front of the heater.

Staying physically active is the best way to stay warm without loading up on layers and layers of clothing or turning up the heater.

2. You Won’t Turn Into A Sweaty Mess

No more sweating like a pig just  5 minutes into your workout. The cooler atmosphere is actually so much nicer to take a run in. Your heart rate will still be high, you’ll still get all the benefits of exercise without that annoying sweat ruining your hair and clothes.

3. Beat The Winter Blues

You’re probably no stranger to exercise’s effects on the brain. It has mood elevating properties. This comes in use, particularly in winter, the season where depression and anxiety rates reach their highest. This is known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), which is a form of seasonal depression.

Regular exercise is exactly what you need on these cold, dark days to keep the blues at bay. The regular release of endorphins, your body’s natural feel-good chemicals are your strongest weapon in this fight.

4. Keep The Calories In Check

Although in the middle of the warm sweltering summer, you would want to eat healthy food like salads, as soon as winter rolls around, we turn to comfort food. The reasons are simple, they taste good and make you feel good, making you feel warm and comfortable.

The average person gains 4 kg by the time winter’s over. Rather than ditch your comfort foods entirely (if you do it abruptly, you’re in for quite a shock), turn them into rewards at the end of a grueling exercise session. If you want to keep the calories in check this winter, make sure you hit the road running.

5. Boosts Your Immunity

Cold and flu are everywhere in winter. The last thing you want is feeling drowsy, tired with a dripping nose on an already cold, dark day.

Your best defense against diseases like this is exercise and proper self-care. Exercise doesn’t just ward off diseases, it helps you recover from them faster as well. If you think exercising is annoying in winter, try falling sick instead.

6. Exercise Burns More Calories In Winter

How does your body heat you up? By burning calories!

What this means, is that for the same amount of physical exertion, your body burns more calories in winter as compared to summer. This is simply because your body has to burn more calories to warm you up.

Go for a run. You'll burn more calories than usual!

Well, that’s it from us. We hope you enjoyed our post. Until next time!


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