Fitness is never boring when it comes to Fitato and today we have compiled a small list for you to have a fun, filling and fit day in Viman Nagar this weekend. So put on your workout shoes and sweep through a wonderful day.

6AM Joggers Park would be a wonderful place to kick off an awesome day. Surrounded by lush green environment and friendly people it sure is delight to spend some time here and relax. With a well-constructed jogging track and an innovative open gym, it’s a perfect place to get pumped up for the upcoming day.

7:00 AM – Book a crossfit session to Crossfit Graybar, located in the east court of Phoenix Mall Fitato and get ready for an intense start to the day, Crossfit is all about the company and here you will find very lively people working out that will motivate you to be the strongest version of yourself, for the rest of the day and for days to come.

9:30 AM – Where Else Café : Can’t compromise with either health or taste? Then Indulge yourself in some lip-smacking and delicious brunch only at where else café. Check out their healthy food options where you can actually see the number of calories you are taking in with your food. They have a huge variety of shakes, soups, salads and main course. You can also build your own workout combo; now how cool is that. The most amazing part is that pets are allowed here. Well! If you don’t have one, you can play with the cute Persian cats there.

12PM – Now we know there are a lot of exciting things you can do on a lazy afternoon in Viman Nagar. However, if you are bored of visiting Phoenix Market City for Movies and shopping, we recommend you try out a massage therapy at Four Fountains De-stress Spa. They offer several unique packages like Anxiety Relief Program, Better Sleep Program, and Anti Fatigue Program just to name a few. Well just go for one and let your body thank you for a royal treatment.

8PM – Missed the morning CrossFit session? Well, nothing to worry about, with fitato you will never miss working out. So head to Fiber Fitness and book their aerobics class or the functional training class at First Fitt to lose fat and boost your stamina.

In the evening you can also go for yoga or belly dance or any other activity that you want. Check out our entire list of activities by downloading the app here.

The day looks exciting, doesn’t it ?! Well, this was just one of the ways you can have an awesome day with fitato. With a lot more activities and classes happening in and around Viman Nagar, we assure you will never get bored with your fitness routines. If you want your every day to be just like this, just log on to and enroll to make your days more wonderful and fulfilling and as we say, Make Fitness Your Playground !!

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