Just imagine being served the same sandwich every day for breakfast, for a year. Or watching the same movie every day before going to bed. You can’t, right? You need variety in that. Then why do you think forcing your body to undergo the same workout every day is a good idea?

Well, it’s not. You cannot bore yourself and your body with the same fitness activity. You need to have a variety to enjoy getting fitter. Or sooner or later, you’d just give up on working out.

Here are 5 reasons that’ll definitely convince you to play around and mix things up in your fitness regime.

It Prevents Stagnation Of Body Development

Our bodies have undergone millions of years of evolution to adapt to change. So if you run on the treadmill for 30 minutes every day for a fortnight; chances are, your body will get used to it and treat it like it’s just part of your day.


This means that you won’t shed weight, or increase stamina, just waste 30 minutes of your day for nothing. So constant change in your workout forces your body to keep adapting to your routine, and in turn, make more progress towards your fitness goals.

An Adrenaline Rush Is Good

Endless cycles of monotonous reps are not only boring but also redundant. Changing up your workout makes things so much more spontaneous. Don’t you miss having that rush of adrenaline like you did when you drove a car for the first time? Now, imagine that rush, but every day.

Scientifically, a spontaneous workout makes you lose your breath faster, releasing endorphins throughout your body that help break down fat and restore muscle growth. Endorphins are also happy hormones. So, they’d make you feel much calm, relaxed and at peace.

Different Activity Means Different Goal Accomplished


When you rigorously do one activity, you tend to exhaust a particular part of your body. For example, if you go for intense running sessions, chances are, after each session you need to have a couple of days of rest to let your legs recover.

Now if you only stick to running, you are left with nothing to do on your rest days. But if you plan to experiment with other activities, you can try other things like Yoga to relax yourself. This way, you get to have more training sessions and get fitter faster.

Your Mind Gets Healthier

Constant experimentation with different ways to work out not only helps you physically but mentally as well. Learning new techniques in fitness forms like Karate, MMA and Zumba involve extensive use of memory, which fires more neurons in the brain. The more the number of these neurons, the healthier the brain gets.

Not just that, engaging in soulful Yoga and relaxing treks and fun fitness parties (like the ones hosted by us) can reduce your stress and anxiety levels and boost your mental well-being.

mental well-being

You Get Variety In Company

The very premise of our lives today is based on social networking. While we are busy making never connections virtually, we are losing out on real-life connections and getting more and more lonely and secluded.

So, what better way to find new people that share similar interests with you than to explore fitness studios in and around your area. So, one day you find a gym partner and the next day you get a swimming buddy and then you would soon have a gang to go on a trek.

In The End

Choosing a variety of fitness activities for your workout helps you make your fitness journey more holistic. It allows you to not only get physically fit but also improve your mental and social well-being.

And if you wish to enjoy fitness this way, your best bet is Fitato.

fitato pass

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