Don’t you just get bored with eating the same home-cooked meal every day? Wait, but you are on a diet. You can’t order that oily, junk food from outside. So order healthy!

If you don’t want to ditch your healthy diet but indulge is some delicious outside food, we know the right place for you.

We at Fitato, have curated a list of the top healthy restaurants in Hyderabad which have food that will soothe your taste buds, keep you healthy and not even burn a hole in your pocket. Head out or order in now from this trending healthy joints in Hyderabad.


Location: Gachibowli
Timing: 8 AM to 10 PM
Cost For Two: ₹500

What To Order Here: Salads, Detox Smoothie, Athlete Meals, Chef’s Special Healthy Veg Thali, Pomegranate Protect

Full of the healthiest food options, is a delivery only joint. So, if you are feeling lazy to cook a healthy meal, you can order in from The best part about their food is that you don’t have to compromise on your favourite desi-meals just so that you eat healthy food. Its famous Chef-Special Veg Thali actually includes protien-packed no cream dal makhani.

2. Baguette Salads

Location: Multiple Locations
Timing:  9 AM to 11 PM
Cost For Two: ₹450

What To Order Here: Salads, Date Smoothie, Pita Pocket, Tex Mex, Tortilla Chips

Whether you wish to eat out or order in, Baguette Salads is a great option for anyone and everyone who is health conscious. It is known for its fresh veggies and it’s lip smacking tastes. If you love salads, this is your go-to place. The place serves salads in three versions- Pita pockets, breads and in a bowl. The choice is yours.

3. HealthBent

Timing: 11:30 AM to 11:35 PM
Cost For Two: ₹400

What To Order Here: Fish Kofta Curry, Multigrain Phulka, Date and Jaggery Kheer, Malabar Multigrain Paratha

HealthBent is popular as the decent price, healthy, homely food place in Hyderabad. It has a wide-variety of healthy-desi food. Customers often choose HeathBent as their daily meal joint as it is not too heavy on their pockets too.

4. Soups n Salads

Location: Jubilee Hills
Timing:  11 AM to 11 PM
Cost For Two: ₹1000

What To Order Here:
Salads, Mutton Shorba, Shrimp Bisque,Biryani, Watermelon Mojito, Protein Salad, Tomato Soup

Soups n Salads is the go-to place for anyone who likes to experiment with their food but prefers a healthy diet. And the cozy and eye-pleasing decor acts as a cherry on the cake. You might want to try out their banana yogurt. So, if you are looking healthy dine-out place, this could be your place.

5. Fitmeals Cafe

Location: Banjara Hills
Timing:  9:30 AM to 10 PM
Cost For Two: ₹400

What To Order Here: Buddha Bowl, Pita Pizzas, Hulk Sandwich, Egg Zucchini Noodles

If you are looking for excellent calorie counted food, your search ends here. Fitmeals provides a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian healthy meals prepared exclusively in olive oil. The menu has the macros for each food on it. So, if you are on a strict diet, you know where to go to stick to it.

Here’s our list of the healthiest restaurants in Hyderabad. If we have left out your favorite, let us know in the comments section and we will add it too.

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