I have been running since 2012 and took to HIITs and strength training in 2013. It’s been 6 wonderful years filled with sweat, soreness, and gains. Today, I am not only stronger physically, but emotionally and mentally too. I feel I can focus more today, my concentration has improved, I am in control of my moods, I have learnt to be empathetic, patient and kind. My anxiety isn’t as bad as it used to be.

I have learnt to appreciate so much about life, and I’ve realized we spend our lives in jealousy, insecurity, fighting over petty issues, hanging on to things that happened in the past. I don’t know the science behind it, but I can assure you that fitness helps you become the bigger person, ALWAYS! That’s why the fitness community is such a happy place for me. Everyone here is empowering and inspiring each other, and I think it is a beautiful space to be in.

I have made mistakes along the way, and today I’d want to share one of those with you. It’s something that I am seeing a lot around me too, and I hope it changes. Allow me to explain.

“If you are thin, you are fit”

I used to run 5-7km DAILY. While I had the stamina to run, I didn’t realise I was over-training. I was running after that number on the weighing scale, ignoring everything else along the way.  I’d get colds and coughs easily, I’d be stressed and worried most of the times, and it never struck me that it was due to incorrect exercising.

I also didn’t notice was the bad quality of hair and skin, poor quality of sleep, body aches and pains, and the rapidly decreasing overall strength. All I wanted was to be skinny. I remember this one time I ate only nuts and apples because I wanted the abs to pop during my beach vacation. Even today I look at my bikini pictures from that vacation and the thin, weak frame makes me cringe.

I have a broad frame, which means after a certain point I cannot be thinner than what my bone structure would allow me to be. It took me a lot of time lifting heavy weights in the gym to realise that okay, you have to be comfortable in your body. You cannot strive for something that is physically impossible.

I request you to get this thought out of your head- being thin is not the end all and be all of fitness. Sculpting that core takes years of patience and hard work, the diet is super important too.  

My advice: Aim at feeling fitter, stronger, healthier. If you wish to chase a “look,” the fitness journey will seem like a punishment.

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