India is not particularly identified with fitness. In general, India has a more cuisine and food-oriented connotation. There’s nothing wrong with that per say. But from a fitness point of view, India doesn’t stand much with the world.  However, this is slowly changing! And you should be proud to hear that it’s changing right here, right now, in Pune! So, the Fitness Revolution is here, and it’s here to stay.

Why Pune?

As some may know, Pune is said to be the fittest city in the whole country. And, Fitato is on a mission to spread that fitness across the nation. Numerous Times of India and Reebok surveys have shown that Pune is the fastest growing city with a fitness mindset.


Pune has the largest number of fitness clubs, and they belong to all parts of the spectrum. Whether you want running or cycling, trekking or MMA, Zumba or aerial yoga, Pune has it all.  And Fitato too!!

Not only this, Pune has grown to home all and any manifestations of fitness as you might ever come to know. And, they are all connected by Fitato.

fitato fitness

Why Now?

The world works on the rudimentary concept of balance. To have the light, you must have darkness. To be rich, there must be poor. And to be fit and healthy, you must have people who are unfit and unhealthy.
So long, India has grown to hone a mass of people who aren’t the most well versed in the ways of being fit. Now is the time to change all that, to tip the balance on our side. It’s been one-sided for far too long. And Pune is ground zero to do it.

With so much fitness in the Pune air, we at Fitato hope to propel this mindset forward to other cities as well and teach people about the infinite ways of being healthy.

So come, download the app and make the world your playground!


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