Over the last one year, I have focussed on making mental health a priority. While physical fitness is now a major part of my lifestyle today, I felt the need to focus on emotional and mental well being. Learning how to disconnect and tune in to some ME-TIME is how I started this journey towards mental well-being. And slowly followed it up with breathing exercises, meditation, reading and writing for myself (not just for clients)

Today, so many of us are stressed with our jobs and personal problems, and the need to be mentally strong is greater than ever. We live in a world which functions on the “out of sight, out of mind” principle. So, striking a balance between the offline and online world gets extremely difficult for someone who has to spend 12 hours online. Being a digital content creator, I felt the need to clear the clutter.

My Story

Last year I was jumpy, stressed and anxious without any particular reason. I’d check my social media notifications every 2 minutes, I’d take trolls and sly comments more seriously than my hard work, and on days when the deadlines and stress got bad, I’d dream about my real life anxiety too.

I realised the virtual world had taken over my life. I turned off social media notifications on my phone, and also deleted the apps from the phone for a while. Moreover, I started taking weekends off only to spend time doing what I enjoyed. For that, I connected with family, friends, started reading again, and changed my workout routine to break the monotony.

I learnt patience, gratefulness, and empathy. Those few weeks changed my life, and I urge everyone to take a look at their mental well-being and practice the art of self-care too.

Professionally, we are made to feel guilty for not feeling stressed enough, which I feel is a cause of concern. I am not stressed about my job, does that mean I am not working hard enough? Nor am I stressed about my Instagram numbers, does that mean I do not take my blogging seriously? I am not stressed because I am not overworked, maybe I need to take up more work. NO, NO and NO! I learnt how to focus on saying “NO” when my gut asked me to refuse an offer, and that is where I learnt to have fun on the job.

My Routine

Today, I follow a simple mental health routine :
1. I switch off my phone notifications over the weekend (a couple of needy clients said I was being too rigid, but to me, my mental well-being matters more than anything else in the world) ;

2. I read 10 minutes every night (1-2 hours every weekend) ;
3. I write for myself, I enjoy social media because it provides me with opportunities to make new friends;
4. I acknowledge hard work and make sure I share my views with those who I feel are doing a great job, I say “thank you” daily and make good use of the “block” button to avoid negative vibes.

Make to-do lists, read/write/colour/draw/sing/play, do whatever it is that makes you happy, keep a gratitude journal, eat right, and stay happy.
Just make sure you do it, that’s all

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