Whether you’re new to running or you’ve been running for years, strength training can be extremely beneficial for you. If you’re hesitant to consider strength training because you think it will make you bulky or slower, think again. It can help you get faster, lose that extra flab around your tummy and even help you run longer. Thinking of beating your personal best, consider strength training!

Strengthening your core, your limb muscles and those tiny muscles that are not engaged when running will help improve and maintain your running form. Better running form means better efficiency!

Here are some reasons why strength training is important for runners.

1. Builds Muscle Mass

The more you run, the more you’re breaking down muscle fibers, so you need to build them back up. Strength training does just that by strengthening muscles, tendons, and bones. Increasing lean muscle and decreasing body fat also allow the body to burn more calories, making it easier to maintain your weight.

2. You’ll reduce your risk of injuries.

Lower body and core exercises are particularly important when it comes to reducing injury risk. Stronger core and leg muscles add stability to your overall form, preventing injuries when you accidentally step into a pothole. Back pain, soreness, even knee and hip ailments common with runners can be reduced or even fixed, by strengthening the surrounding muscles.

Imbalance and weak muscles are a BIG cause of running related injuries. Conditioning your muscles will keep you injury free and running longer!

3. You’ll be a more efficient runner

Running for a longer distances gets you all fatigued. It’s obvious that with a better overall form the efficiency improves as well. Strengthening your core muscles with strength training helps in making you a more efficient runner and maintaining your running form. It’s more beneficial for long distance runners like those who regularly take part in marathons. Small improvements in the muscle form lead to a greater efficiency at running.

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4. Help reduce body fat

The more you run the higher calories you burn. The amount of calories and energy burned comes from your metabolic rate. Higher your metabolic rate the more calories you will burn. Body fat affects the metabolic rate as it, slowing it down. Strength training helps to develop lean muscle mass which automatically leads to a reduction of body fat thus improving your physique as well.

5. Improves bone strength

In addition to improving your running form and efficiency, preventing you from injuries and reducing body fat, strength training also helps in building stronger bones. This is because strength training puts a lot of stress over bones thereby increasing their density. Denser bones relate to lower injuries.

Strength training can benefit you in a lot of ways. They make the muscles stronger, preventing injuries and improving endurance which enables you to resist early onset tiring of the muscles. You can easily incorporate strength training into your routine. Maybe start with one or two days a week. We know you’d rather go for your run but try strength training. Even if it’s one day a week. We guarantee you’re running will get better and faster!

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