Everyone remembers me as the tall, scrawny guy from school. With a half-hearted interest in academics, you’d almost always catch me  playing some sport in the field. Today, this scrawny boy has a different story to tell.

Hello, my name is Yogesh Diddee and I am here to talk about my transformation. 😊 

After school was done with (2006) I was a thin, shy guy, moving around my business, and thanks to braces and a lanky frame my confidence wasn’t exactly peaking. I never thought it mattered, but then things changed in college.

Yogesh Diddee

In 2007 I saw a friend of mine from school who had just started working out earlier that year, and the transformation that he had gone through was fascinating to me. One day all of us caught up to play pool at our usual haunt Jashn. While playing, he pushed me to move aside. It was a small, friendly nudge, but for someone low on confidence, this came across as dominance. Here was a guy lifting heavy, building muscles, of course, he was dominating by pushing the scrawny guy aside! This stayed with me, and I think this is where things changed for me. I too wanted to enroll at a gym as that little nudge sparked the greed for power.

I spoke to my dad, researched and enrolled at a small, local gym in the area. At Rs. 5,000 a year as the membership fees, I started my fitness journey. I ate a lot of banana and milk to put on weight, I ate anything and everything that came my way lol. Slowly, I saw my body transform. It felt SO GOOD!

And then people started coming up to me for tips on the gym and diet. Friends started appreciating the change. I felt I had finally arrived!

But! All this stopped when post grad started. But since I had got used to working out, my body showed even better results when I took up basketball and minimized the gym workouts. I saw muscle loss, but I gained a lot of definition. That’s when it hit me:

Fitness isn’t only about going to the gym! Endurance and strength in all forms matter.

Yogesh Diddee and Protima Tiwary- Fitato Buddy

Today, I am an active participant in the nightlife industry. I go out 5 times a week, I have a day job. But I never miss my fitness regimes. It can be a run, cycling, yoga or a gym workout, I manage it all. Because that is the time I get to connect with my mind, body, and emotions. I also monitor my diet every day. Whether I am at home, in a new city or a new country with completely new food, I make sure I eat right with what’s available.  

I’ve learned about fitness on the job. By that I mean I have learned to be physically, mentally and emotionally fit while trying it all out myself. No coach,  no PT helped me. I was self-motivated, and I think that improves as you stay consistent.

Fitness will take time, but it will be worthwhile as it will change how you live and see the world. True story.

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