This Fitness Instagrammer Will Inspire You To Get Off Your Ass Right Now

Nidhi Mohan Kamal is one the Top Fitness Instagrammer in India, she is also Nutrition & Body Sculpting Expert.

For all the couch potatoes, we got you some inspiration on your plate. Nidhi Mohan Komal’s Instagram feed will give you major inspiration to get off your ass right away!  Get ready to kick that couch! 

“My day starts early at 6:30 AM  with cooking and prepping all meals for the day followed by some daily household chores. By 10: 30 I head to work, I have a company to run and employees to be taken care of.” – Nidhi

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“After my morning meetings, I usually have a cup of tea with my managers, followed by some writing of blogs, articles and then a working lunch followed by tea and other office work which carries on till 7.

And then that’s my GYM time and from 7 to 9 sometimes 10 I switch off my phone and do what I love doing most, it’s usually weight training followed by some Yoga. And by the time I reach home I am already too tired to do anything but I read a little before going to bed.”“Most people misinterpret gym as a place to lose weight, in my opinion, Gym has nothing to do with Weight loss, I mean you need to exercise to tone your muscles, improve endurance, flexibility, and overall body performance but Fat loss would only happen if you eat right.”

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The Fitness Instagrammer says, ” Like a computer or your smart-phone your body is also a machine, of course, more sophisticated and intelligent one. But, like everything else what goes in comes out. So whatever you feed it with the outcome is predictable 100% no questions asked. You can’t expect to cheat on what you eat with more exercise and then expect it to work.”

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Nidhi runs her own company but still finds time to workout.
“Everyone is busy no one really has the time esp if you’re a woman. Time is a luxury you wouldn’t have. So, you gotta make your own health a priority, and it’s a commitment. You’ll have to give up things you love, give it extra time may be losing some extra sleep in order to make your body fit.”

But trust me this is an investment you wouldn’t regret making because you’ll be more efficient in everything else you do. You’ll be fitter, you’ll fall sick less often and be happier.

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“Try getting up just 15 mins earlier than what you do generally, you’ll be more active more energetic and healthier. And of course, it means sleeping on time as well. As the old saying goes ‘waking up with the Sun.’ That really works wonders.”

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“The sad part about today’s health and fitness industry is that we are blindly following America in our diets and supplementation knowing that they are the most obese and highest user of prescription drugs in the world.”

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“It’s like asking a beggar for investment advice. Indian diet is so perfectly balanced that you can be healthy and fit having it every day, get back to your roots and eat simple Indian homemade food for more sustainable and holistic weight loss and to maintain perfect health.” – Nidhi Kamal Mohan (Fitness Instagrammer) 

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  1. Abhihaas September 20, 2016 at 7:55 PM

    Hey Nidhi, really inspiring. I would love to know the kind of diet you follow to take care of your nutrition. Thanks!

    1. Nidhi Mohan Kamal September 23, 2016 at 11:20 PM

      Hi Ashihaas ! Thanks for writing. I recommend Indian desi home cooked food. I restrict eating out to minimum 🙂 For any further details or help with diet please follow my thread on instagram or out site

  2. Rashi Singhal September 21, 2016 at 3:52 PM

    Hey Nidhi! This is so inspiring. Would love to know the kind of exercises we can do at home.

    1. Nidhi Mohan Kamal September 23, 2016 at 11:22 PM

      Hi Rashi ! There are loads of no equipment workout we can do at Home , Please follow my thread on instagram to get some idea on it. If you need specific help please feel free to connect


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