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As a company trying to make it in the entrepreneurial world, we are going to tell you all sorts of things to make you use our product. Granted that we are not deceiving you at any point of trying to pull off a grand scam but it’s still difficult to believe in what we tell you, without having a modicum of skepticism.

Understanding this very sentiment, we decided to ask our users what they liked the most about FITATO and what worked best for them, and, well let’s just let their words do the talking!
Mind you, these are exactly what our customers wrote, no dilution from our side whatsoever.”

  • “I do not like sticking to one thing. Call it instability, ADD or perfection. I look for some (perfection) wherever I go. Fitato has helped me do precisely that, bearing in mind the fact that it still has a long way to go.”
  • “Morning schedules give me the entire day and leaves me to feel fresh and accomplish more in a single day even at work
  • “In my personal life, I am a morning person and my husband wakes up late. I have a lot of time in the morning that I can utilize to focus on my fitness and still not compromising on my family time.”
  • “There were a couple of times when the Fitato team called me to check on me. It was so amazing to know there is someone questioning you on your fitness regime. Keeping yourself motivated is hard and if there is someone, a neutral party showing value for your money and effort, it’s a good feeling.”
  • “The app is so convenient, it’s like an open invitation to YOUR healthier life, which is the greatest part.”
  • “Thanks a bunch, Karan, Pawani, and the amazing Fitato team! You guys rock”
  • “Fitato has broken the mundane routine of exercising by providing alternate work out regimens just at a tap of my finger. Too sore from lifting weights, you can switch to Zumba for one day. Want to give a jolt to your body, select a CrossFit session. A cherry on the cake was the Yoga day event, which was a welcome change. Fitato has given me plenty of options to stay fit so I can choose as per my whim. “
  • “I was having many health issues, at one point I got fed up with popping pills, and I decided to choose a fit lifestyle, so I used to Jog in the park as I was against gyms etc, then one day my friend mentioned me about FITATO and told me about the various activities since then I am an active member of FIT-FITATO. And now it’s no looking back just being healthy and happy 🙂 Thank you Fitato:) Long Live Fitato :p”
  • “Fitato has brought a new excitement to my workout schedule. I started my workout 3 months before fitato, same workout routine and limited options of exercise made me irregular gym member. With fitato, I have so many different workout options to explore every day. Doing functional training, Spinning class, kickboxing class or pilates for the first time is an awesome experience. Because of fitato, I love to work out on weekends rather than going to the party. You feel positive when you just love yourself and your own time at the gym more than anything else!”
  • “Providing lots of options for spending my day in most active as well as motivating way. I have been using fitato for 8 months now. The activities and workout time is the best part of the day. Thanks to fitato for making it so easy and affordable.”

Each one of those reviews are from people that have tried out Fitato for the first time, and you can see what they’re reactions have been like.

Let me put it this way, Fitato is not just a company trying to sell you a cheaper way to fitness; it’s also not just a more convenient way of working out. It’s a culture. I’ve personally been with Fitato for a while not, and its vision for a better tomorrow resonates with everyone involved in it.

Granted, Fitato is not perfect, I would be lying through my teeth if I said it is, but it’s damn well on its way to be. We might be small right now, but Fitato is attempting to make a huge impact in the way people perceive fitness in this country. Growing up in a society that validates external dictation to your life, and not exercising even a modicum of independence; Fitato is that glimmer of hope that lets you live your life at your own rules. Its a means to live out not a healthy lifestyle, but also everything that comes alongside it; friends, family, and times to remember.

Come join the movement today, and make the whole world your playground. 

Fitato is your single membership to various gyms & fitness studios in your city. So what are you waiting for? Download the app now 

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