In order to give you an idea of the entire spectrum of my journey, the abysmal low point has to be explained first. Please feel free to skip over to the feel-good part if you so choose. But this might be something few people can relate to so kindly lend me a patient ear.
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Post-Delivery Low

I had been a stay home mom for the past couple of years. Motherhood is a rewarding experience and to be able to raise your child the traditional hands-on way is a privilege. But it hardly leaves one with any time to take care of one’s own self. My active social Life was replaced by social networking, Facebook and WhatsApp notifications 24*7. Binge eating and midnight trips to the fridge for ice cream became my new hobbies.

Instead of losing postpartum weight the scale kept tipping right. Without even realizing I began shying away from the mirror. I even avoided meeting my friends who would inadvertently make remarks about my former attractive looks. I was stuck in a rut with self-loathing pushing me further down to rock bottom. Somehow taking a break from my corporate Life made matters only worse and I became an easy target to be judged and put down by those who used to admire me. I gave up on my individuality, complacent in being a shadow running chores ignoring my family’s pestering to lose weight.

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The Turn-around

On one rare occasion when I was at Amoeba to meet a friend I met someone from Fitato team. Initially, I didn’t pay attention to thinking, it was just another startup but what caught my attention was their unique concept. They provide passes for 6 months, 3 months, one month and even a flexi pass for 10 sessions in a month.
These sessions could be availed at different gyms and studios across the city doing various activities namely Circuit training, Cross fit, Core training, Zumba, Yoga, Dance, Swimming the whole gamut. This meant no year-long expensive membership at one particular gym doing the same boring activities with the same instructor.
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So I downloaded their app and soon got a call from Karan, the brilliant brain behind Fitato. He patiently addressed my queries and guided me through the myriad benefits of this product. He even got Mihir from their team to help me. Mihir helped me plan which activities to opt for, how many days in a week, as per my convenient timing. He also told me how to eat clean and keep the calorie intake in check.
I marvel at how amazing their customer service is, no matter when I had any query or suggestion it was heard and appreciated. If I had any issue which was rare they would resolve it instantly. They have a wide customer base but the ability to have such a strong communication channel is commendable.
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The Journey to Fitness

I started with the cliched target of losing weight but soon that became a fringe benefit and I enjoyed the happy high of crazy cardio of spinning session, the calm after power yoga and most of all losing myself in music while dancing away my blues during Zumba sessions with Angelyn Rozario at Cocopara. I became a ridiculously happy person again, stuck to a balanced diet without much effort, got better at managing time, more organized and most importantly found my calling as a Zumba Instructor.
So now I am a Licensed Zumba Instructor, the best job ever. Staying healthy and active is a choice of Lifestyle rather important one in our otherwise virtual and booze driven existence. Be Smart, Stay Healthy and Choose Fitato like I did. It gave my life a new meaning hope it does the same for you. Kudos to Fitato team for doing something worthwhile and especially Karan and Mihir for not giving up on me and also not letting me give up…you are more of friends now.
All the Best Keep Rocking!!!
P.S. People keep telling me now that I look at least 6 years younger than I am…lol talk about a wonderful side effect!
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