Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle but sometimes we would rather binge on Netflix than go workout. That’s okay sometimes but if you are finding it harder to stay committed to working out or have completely stopped going to the gym, consider these four strategies to get back in the flow.


Sweating away alone in a gym gets boring. And you might find yourself losing the motivation to workout. This is where having a workout buddy comes in handy. When you don’t feel motivated enough, having a workout buddy will definitely push you to stick to your workout schedule.

Joining an instructor-led group class is an easy way to find people who have a similar fitness goal. Because you have people with similar motivation around you, it’ll be easy to talk and make friends. You could take it one step ahead by getting into a carpool system with some of the members.

You can also tag along with your significant other! Partnering with a SO can give your exercise a serious boost. A recent study confirmed that people were five times more likely to exercise if their spouse did.

Overcoming Resistance

While you know you need to exercise for your health, there are a variety of reasons, like lack of energy and lack of interest that may stand between you and your commitment to working out. Whatever the root of your resistance, you can learn to view exercise with a positive attitude and make it a regular habit.

For example, lay out your gym clothes a night before if working out in the morning is your aim Keep your gym bag in your car so that you save time by going straight to the gym after work. Find a gym nearest to your home or workplace with the help of our app (try Fitato!) so that distance is never a problem.

If you find the gym inconvenient, expensive or simply boring, that’s okay. You can consider keeping exercise equipment at home like ropes and dumbbells. Or you could try out sometime else, like a Yoga class or Zumba or even group running!

Consistency over efficiency

Ditch the all-or-nothing attitude. You don’t have to spend hours in a gym or force yourself into painful or monotonous activities you hate to experience. A little exercise is better than nothing. Adding just modest amounts of physical activity to your weekly routine can have positive outcomes. If we set our minds to consistency without worrying about the duration of the workout, we will more likely be able to develop a more sustainable and long-term habit.

“No pain, no gain” is outdated! Exercise should not hurt and you don’t have to push yourself until every muscle aches to get results. So rather than committing to hours of intense workout, consider 30 minutes or even as less as 10 minutes because even that counts. For most people, moderate exercise is enough for maintaining overall health; you don’t need to keep intensifying your workouts or sweat buckets. In fact, exercising too strenuously might lead to injuries.

Be easy on yourself, plan your workouts for the time of the day when you’re most awake and your energy is at peak. Most importantly, keep at it and keep going in the same direction. Never backward, always forwards!

Redefining your motive

We often associate fitness with getting ripped. ‘It’s either washboard abs for me or nothing’. This is one of the biggest reasons why you run out of motivation even before you hit the one week mark.

‘I don’t see any cuts yet’. Sounds familiar?

Instead of pushing for ripped abs and that V-shaped back, think of fitness as a way to a better day. An hour of exercise in the morning will fill you up with more energy than you’re used to. You’ll sleep better. You’ll be able to work better, be more productive. Notice these small changes, they’ll start showing up from day 1. And use this to fuel your motivation.

Take the seriousness out of fitness and make it more fun by doing what you like. Feel the blood pumping in your veins after a hard 30 min run. Use music and make it better.

It’s also important to reward yourself, but only when you’ve stuck with a routine long enough. Get yourself a nice spa date or a new set of swanky workout clothes.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Focus on the small things, try and make working out a part of your routine. And before you know it, your days will be incomplete without a nice exercise session!

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