By now you would have already started penning down your list of new year resolutions. Needless to say, they would have been primarily linked either to your physical health or career a.k.a the usual.

As always, you would have ignored your mental health. But would you really like getting that dream job or heading to that gym or starting anything new, if you are not happy?

Why Include Mental Health

More often than not, we make resolutions very superficially without analysing the root cause of certain issues or habits that we may be planning to change. In the present times, we are often so engrossed in our professional lives that we don’t even realise how stressed we are.

Unhappy, disturbed and anxious we drag ourselves each day through our lives.

Change that. And change that now. As the clock strikes midnight this year-end, resolve to make your mental health a priority. Here are a few new year resolutions that can keep you de-stressed all year long in 2020.

New Year Resolutions For Your Mental Health

Resolution #1: Meditate For 5 Mins Before Going To Bed

We all have a habit of overthinking every detail of our day right before retiring to bed. Scheduling a short, sweet meditation before you sleep will not only help you sleep faster but your sleep will also be a lot more peaceful. And when you wake up the next day, you would feel a lot calmer.

Meditation- New Year Resolution
A five-minute meditation even in your bedroom would work 

Meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation, as a technique, takes years to master. But starting with a 5-minute practice would help you get into a mentally clear and emotionally calm state.

Resolution #2: Schedule Me Time For An Hour Every Day

You always have a million tasks to do and errands to run in a day.  From preparing lunches to meeting office deadlines, you always are in a race against time. More often than not, you are so busy getting everything else right, you forget to prioritize ourselves.

Time with self- New Year Resolution
Never miss out your me-time hour

Which is where slotting out an hour just for yourself is a must. Schedule in a one-hour workout, book a class on Fitato or use that time in any way you want to. Write a journal, dance your wits out, paint your nails, beat your push-up score, or just listen to your favourite songs while having a beer or a cup of coffee.

Resolution #3: Limit Social Media Indulgence To 3 Hours A Day

You may not realise, but your Instagram is giving you #bodygoals, #relationshipgoals, #weddinggoals and even #lifegoals. In the present times, social media governs how you feel at any point.  Social media is empowering and informative, but you need to keep a check on that. Prolonged exposure plays with your mood and therefore play with your mental fitness.

Social Media- New Year Resolution
Stay connected but know when to disconnect too

Now you may not be able to regulate yourself too strictly. So, download apps like AntiSocial and Stay Focussed which can. They would not only tell you how many hours you have been on certain apps/platforms but would also block their usage after a pre-decided time that you would have chosen.

Resolution #4: Get One Tick On Your Wishlist Every Month

Remember that Goa trip that you have been planning since you were born? Or remember that exotic restaurant you wanted to try out for ages? Do that now.

Wishlist- New Year Resolution
You wishlist can be as long as you want

Create a wish list, the one with small things that you want to do that will make you happy. They could be as simple as trying a new workout or getting a tattoo. And achieve them. Believe it or not, nothing will calm your stressed soul more than putting that green tick on that list.

Resolution #5: Each Day, Pen Down A Good Thing That Happened

It’s easy to look back on things that may have gone wrong in a day. But what really helps is jotting down that one thing that made you smile. Put that down. It could be in the form of a sticky note or as elaborate as a personal journal.

Diary - New Year Resolution
Always be grateful for the good you receive

Before you would know it, you would have your personal booster which can lift you up in your lowest of lows. It would remind you of the best in your worst and that would definitely keep anxiety and depression at bay for the year.   

So, make sure you stay mentally fit in 2020.  Make a resolution now!


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