There are plenty of reasons to not join Fitato. We’ll go into some of them here. Just full disclosure, this is a SARCASTIC post.
We believe joining Fitato will do wonders for your health and wellbeing. That being said, let’s look at why you would not want all that.


Yes, you have a lot of time to pamper yourself and keep yourself fit. You are free all day, no time constraints and you can spend hours and hours working out.

If not, India’s most unique fitness membership is available on google play store. Workout anytime, anywhere. We have innumerable partner gyms and fitness studios with flexible timings.

ย Do you feel like you have to drag yourself to the gym every day?ย Or are you one of those who buys a gym membership but never turns up because you find gym boring or strenuous? And do you love doing that? If yes, then ‘Don’t Join’ Fitato.

Because Fitato will make fitness extremely fun and exciting. It will make you fall in love with working out! So, don’t. ๐Ÿ™‚

ย Who doesn’t like variety, having fun and trying out new fitness activities? Everyone does!

But if you are different, then you should probably ‘Not’ join Fitato. Because with Fitatoย you can try a new workout every day!ย 

ย Fitato’sย membership gives you access to activities ranging from yoga, kickboxing, belly dance, CrossFit, gym to swimming and bokwa . But you better sit for hours and hours on that office chair. In case, you change your mind, get in touch with us.

ย It’s easy to get comfortable with your boring routine and it does take a little effort to take that one step to make your life exciting and fun.ย Are you ready to take that one step or are you just going to sit back and whine about your boring life? Buy our single membership to fitness and spice up your routine with access to 1000+ fitness activities in numerous fitness studies around you.ย 

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