The city of Pune came together at Classic Rock Cafe, Kalyaninagar, on Sunday, 8th July 2018 to take part in our 3rd Yoga Carnival and celebrate the beautiful art form that is Yoga.

Fitato brought together, the top instructors in the city to provide a truly memorable experience.
After successfully executing the event for the last two years in a row, this year the carnival was even bigger and featured a wide range of yoga forms and styles, teachers from diverse backgrounds,

It was an awesome environment with yoga games and challenges, soothing music and exciting giveaways for all the Fitato members who took part!

Our lineup of yoga teachers included:

1. Zahabbiya Walbeek

Zahabbiya has been teaching Yoga in Pune since 2011. What started off as a process of self-discovery when she first started out, has today, become a way for her to touch and empower people’s lives.

She believes in spreading joy, gratefulness & helping people be free of judgment. These are her guiding pillars behind her teaching and practice. Through her classes and interactions, she hopes to inspire people to live a life that’s simple and true. Her classes are based on increasing strength, mobility & stamina, but more importantly, she aims to make sure her students are all geared up to tackle the challenges their day.

2. Mallika Rathod

Mallika Rathod is a certified yoga coach from one of the oldest yoga institutes on Earth! She is a multitasking Yogi balancing her education, job, and of course, her passion: yoga.

She trusts in the power of deep breathing – just take a pause, accept your place in the universe and then proceed!
Her forte is vinyasa creation; yogalates, and acceptance through awareness of body, mind, and life! Her sessions mainly focus on spiritual flexibility; balance, core engagement and body strength.

“Doing the right Asana is not the goal-knowing how you feel in that moment is yoga”
She postulates that yoga is a process and everything happens for a reason- this reason is you and the cosmos!

3. Anshu Khanna: Founder Of Yoga with Anshu

Due to a medical condition in 2010, Anshu sought alternate healing therapies and finally found what she was looking for in the age-old Indian discipline of Yoga which then helped her condition immensely.

Seeing the tremendous benefits yoga gave her, she got determined to share her knowledge and spread the practice of yoga with anybody else in need. Thus drawn towards this mission, she armed herself with an E-RYT 500 certification and today enjoys teaching hatha yoga, vinyasa, therapeutic yoga and pilates at her own studio Yoga with Anshu. Her style of yoga is accessible yet challenging, focusing on alignments and awareness.

4. Garima Gulati

Garima is a young Indian yogini. Her first teacher training was in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga under Guru Mahesh Chandra and then after a year,  her second teacher training was in multi-style yoga in Goa.

Then, she went further with her studies and learned and taught Hatha, Vinyasa and restorative yoga in California, USA. Her intention as a teacher is to help students realize their own inner strength. Her classes are fun, innovative and inspiring. She loves to incorporate her dance training in her meditation and Vinyasa flow classes.

So how did the event go? Check out all these photos from the Carnival!

For more such yoga events, stay tuned to the Exclusives section in the Fitato App.

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