What is Pilates? Isn’t it like Yoga? Will it help me with weight loss? Can anybody try it? How will it benefit me? Should I try it?

Well, yes, you should definitely try it. Never hesitate from trying something new. But we understand you’d need more clarity to convince you. Well then here’s all you need to know about Pilates and what you stand to gain from the activity.

What Is Pilates?

Pilates was developed by the American physical trainer, Joseph Pilates. The aim of the activity was to help injured athletes and dancers get back to fitness and exercise.


It involves moving one’s body according to a precise range of motion, lengthening and stretching all the major muscles in a balance rhythmic fashion.


It Involves The Entire Body

With Pilates, you need not worry about over-developing some parts. Pilates engages almost every major muscle in your body. Therefore, it acts as a holistic workout. The activity pays attention to your balance, flexibility, relaxation of mind and even breath. The aim of the activity is not to achieve any drastic spot reduction but to improve your overall health.

It Helps In Building Strength

If you wish to develop your muscle and core-strength without getting the bulky look that lifting weights might give you, then Pilates is the best choice for you. By engaging your muscles actively, it builds them at a steady pace, giving you a well-toned body.


It Is Suitable For All

Since all the exercises and stretches in Pilates, use bodyweight and are focussed around muscle movement, it caters to all age groups. Everyone from a trained athlete to a pregnant woman can take part in the activity. The movement and the level (basic to advanced) will vary from one person to the other.

It Gives You Flexibility

As and when you stretch and bend while performing various movements involved in the activity, you inadvertently become more flexible. However, Pilates doesn’t push your flexibility drastically but well-enough for you carry out your daily chores much actively. All in all, you will get more flexible if you try the activity on a regular basis. But don’t expect yourself to become as flexible as a gymnast!


In The End

We always believe in the motto, “What’s the harm in trying.” So, if Pilates as an activity interests you, then go ahead and try a session for yourself. You’d get to know whether the activity is suitable for you or not. And to find the best Pilates classes around you, download the Fitato App.

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