They say that dreams can come true if you really believe in them. Sounds cliched, right? And that’s probably why we often laugh and shrug the though away. I used to do it. I wanted to see results, I wanted them fast. And I couldn’t wait for too long.

However, over time, fitness taught me patience. And that has been a great aid for me, not just at the gym but also in other aspects of life.

protima fitato

I don’t deny that I don’t go through bad days when I just want to give up. But I do have the strength to get through those days without being completely torn down. And that is possible solely due to a voice that pushes me not to give up.

“Okay, life might not work out the way I want it to, but that’s just because this isn’t the right time for things to happen in a certain way. Doesn’t mean I stop trying. There is something else in store for me, as always.”

This thought along with a conscious effort to motivate myself with my past accomplishments gets me through whatever hurdles, challenges, plateaus and hardships that life throws at me, both in and out of the gym.

But if you are looking for a formula that could help you learn patience, I am sorry, I don’t have one. However, I can share a small practice that has worked for me. I started practising gratefulness and started thinking about how I’ve done things, achieved results that I once thought I wasn’t even capable of. And all those times, I remember, the only thing that worked for me was my hard work and patience.

I’ve had days when I’ve been frustrated, wondering why things weren’t working out for me. When I joined the gym, I was over excited, and I did things without a plan. With no goal and half knowledge, I ended up causing more harm than good. This is when I realised slowed down, did some research, understood why I was doing a certain exercise and felt the mind-muscle connection, all of this contributed to making me patient.

protima fitato

The universe always rewards those who are patient, hardworking and consistent. Now, this might sound like random advice on the internet, but in the hindsight when I look back at all those times I felt dejected, I also remember how I allowed myself to feel that way, I took time off, pretended to be happy when I was not.

Happiness, patience, hard work, dedication, discipline, all of this is in your hands. The best part is that you’ll learn this along the way, with each lift, each squat, each sit up. This is why I keep saying the gym is so much more than just a place where you learn to be physically fit – it prepares you for life.

Being patient is a very tricky thing. You don’t know if you have to be patient for a week, a day, an hour or maybe 10 years. Sometimes you might feel that you are lagging behind in the race. Sometimes people will make you feel that way, sometimes it will be self-imposed.

But there is no denying the fact that you will go through low moments. In order to get through to the other side allow yourself time to feel the pain of these low phases. Don’t pretend to be happy when you’re clearly low, supressing thoughts is not healthy! Feel the emotions, think about what’s making you feel this way. More often than not you realise you will introspect and find the answers within yourself. Personally, I feel sometimes sadness is the best motivator for creativity.

protima fitato

If you really believe in something, the universe will make it happen for you. All that you need on your side is patience.

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