We are just a few days away from the month of December, which is great because this awfully long year shall finally end and we will step into a brand new 2019 with renewed energy. But this also means we’re going to be celebrating this goodbye, all of December with binge eating, parties, drinking, the works.

Let’s be honest, all of us like a little party now and then. You need to let loose sometimes and running away from all forms of celebration is going t feel like torture. Yes, I understand that it is hard to stick to diets and workout plans especially when there is a party every night, and it’s too cold in the morning to leave the comfort of your warm bed and head to the gym.

But here’s the thing, if you have control and discipline, you can make your entire life a party!

So how does one stick to a workout regime and eat clean when tempted with so much cake and wine?
I’ll share what I do, and hopefully, it will help you understand that balance isn’t impossible.

Plan Your Days

We keep saying this, but what does it really mean? Simple- note down a tentative schedule for the week. I usually sit down on a Sunday night and plan out my week in terms of workouts and events. I note down the days when I need to go out at night, and then plan my workout schedule around it. Thanks to the Fitato Pass, I can pick a gym/facility around the area that I’m partying in, so I take a note of that and basically work around going to the gym 5 days a week.

In a nutshell- Use the Fitato Pass to spot gyms or fitness centers closer to your workspace in case you’re on a tight schedule.  This will give you more time in hand and enable you to utilize as much as time you have to workout.

Cut Yourself Some Slack.

If you cannot manage to get in a workout at a gym/facility, don’t kill yourself with guilt. Go for a jog if you don’t have more than 30 minutes with you. Skip the workout if you feel you’re still sore from yesterday’s intense workout. Stay active by taking the stairs, walking around, that is more than enough. Eat clean all day because you know you’re going to be eating out at night.

Eat (And Drink) Smart.

Okay eating small bites of junk here and there once in a while is fine, so please do not be consumed by guilt. At parties, I usually eat my dinner before going or opt for kebabs, tikkas and hummus platters or even salads, so I know I am not cheating too much. You’ll see me staying away from all forms of maida.

As far as drinking is concerned, dark alcohol has a lot of calories, especially when you add colas to them. A glass or 2 of wine, or even gin and tonic works. Beer is great once you remove the head (that’s where the fat is!) or after a great workout. If I have had an intense workout, I do not mind having 2 beers.

Stop Being Guilty

See, all of us love to take a bite of a burger, or one slice of cake. Eating that will not make your hard work disappear! Of course, if you’re eating all 3 meals filled with junk, you have a problem. Plan your meals! Eat clean all day, at night please exercise portion control. Opt for grills and healthier snacking options, but do not kill yourself over that one bite of cake. Feeling good about the food that you eat will, in turn, help you feel less stressed mentally, and the results show on your body.

Treating food as punishment will cause you to look and feel worn out (it’s science, and also a true fact)

The idea here is to be active and not turn into a sloth, so stay active and plan your meals and workouts according to your party calendar. The plan is to learn how to balance, and you do not have to give yourself a choice to choose between extremes.

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