Aren’t you tired of making the same old New Year Fitness Resolutions that fail? And like all those years, this time too, you will resolve to the same New Year Fitness Resolutions. Moreover, you will tell yourself that you will make it through this time. Learn your lesson already!

Here’s a list of New Year Fitness Resolutions that you will fail at sooner or later. So strike them off your list right away!

Fail At These New Year Fitness Resolutions

I will lose weight

Been there, done that, right? Seriously do you think something this vague will work? Okay, wait, you might have added a target to this too. “I will lose 10 kgs in 2019.” Slow claps for you.

May we ask how? Stop putting the cart before the horse.  New Year Resolutions with specific actions about how you will “lose weight” will work better. For instance, “I will go for a morning walk 5 days a week.” Now that’s called being specific.

I will eat healthy food

Another round of slow claps coming your way. So this is how this New Year fitness resolution will fail. For the first week, you will eat the healthiest of meals. You will google healthy food recipes.

Not only this, you will say no your colleague’s lunch even if it has your favourite dish. You will make salads. And also stock your fridge with fruits. But your resolution will last as long as the stock lasts.

Because, one fine day in the second week, you will eat one innocent unhealthy snack and bam! Your New Year fitness resolution is down the drain. If you stumbled once, you will assume you have failed and give up completely.

Learning? Be realistic. Give yourself cheat days. Now don’t throw out nutrition from your list altogether. Read Why Nutrition Must Be A Part Of Your Fitness Resolution. It also has resolutions that will actually work.

I will go to the gym

Sparing you the slow claps this time. First of all, this resolution is just not specific. Make it more like “I will go to the gym 5 times a week.” But you will still fail at this New Year fitness resolution.

Why? You didn’t take any action to make this resolution come true. Now before you go ahead and by another gym membership, stop. Two weeks at the gym and you will be bored already. Solve both your issues with a Fitato pass. A single pass to multiple fitness activities and best gyms and fitness centres around you.

I will get that perfect body

Now the perfect body could be anything. You may want to gain muscle and become like the Rock or you may want to get as slim as Malliaka Arora. Either way, you are treating a marathon like a sprint.

Your resolution is so over-ambitious that you just get too dejected too soon when you don’t see it happening. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? So set yourself smaller achievable goals and make new ones after you finish them. You have no idea how motivated you will be if you actually see results.

At the end of the day, what really matters is your determination. It is you who has to resolve and you who has to stick to it. So, make a resolution that you will follow. A resolution that will get you going. Not one that will make you give up.


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