It’s that time of the year again! The holiday season, Christmas festivities and the dawn of the new year. With New Year comes the resolutions, and over 80% of New Year resolutions revolve around health and fitness.

Even the Gyms eagerly wait for this season. Most of them see at least a 10x surge in walk-in leads. If you’re among the 80% who’ve vowed to get fit in the upcoming year, you probably are assessing your Gym options right now.

Gym membership has somewhat become synonymous with fitness. We don’t know when and how, but it did. Despite the popularity of Gyms, only 8% of new joiners manage to stick to it.

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We are not against Gyms. It’s a great place to workout! But is it the best option for someone getting into a workout routine, for the first time in their life? It’s very easy for a newbie to feel lost in a gym, and huge dudes pumping away, grunting, does not help!

Joining A Gym Is Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

A lot of people start a gym membership, most of them stop going to the gym after the first two-three visits.

Yet, comes another New Year and people rush to buy Gym memberships. Conveniently forgetting the multiple failed attempts. Or surrounding themselves in the warm cocoon of false hopes that this time, by some miracle, they will wake up every morning at 6 and hit the gym.

Three days into your workout routine, you wake up with D.O.M.S and make it a rest day. The next day your D.O.M.S is even worse and you tell yourself, ‘Tomorrow, I’ll be better tomorrow and definitely go.’ No accountability, no one to answer to.

The result? It’s suddenly 2 weeks since you last stepped in your Gym and now it’s too late. Well, maybe next time.

How To Stick To Your New Year Fitness Resolution

The answer is simple, if you can keep yourself motivated enough and you actually look forward to working out, it’ll soon become a habit. You need to sustain your workout routine for roughly over 30 days. 30 days, and it’ll become a habit!

Make Yourself Accountable

Joining community classes and group training sessions are the best ways to ensure you don’t run out of motivation. You’ll meet like-minded people working towards a similar goal. This exponentially increases your likelihood of keeping with it. Fitato gives you access to lots of community and group classes in your neighbourhood.

If you’re joining a Gym, try and get a personal trainer.

Fight Boredom

This is a video of Capoeira, which is a Brazilian martial arts technique which anyone can learn and is insanely fun as well!

Doing the same routine in your Gym can get very boring, very fast. That is why it’s a good idea to mix up your workout routine. Try going to a Spinning class on your leg day. Or maybe a nice swimming session on your rest day. Do Yoga a couple of times a week to fight muscle tightness and soreness.

Instead of buying multiple memberships, you can simply use the Fitato app. Our membership gives you access to over 300 Gyms and fitness studios in Pune. That way, you can mix up your workout routine and have a lot of fun! Check out our list of the most unconventional fitness activities!

Keep At It

Consistency is the key. Instead of focussing on the end results – losing inches, body flab, looking better, focus on the day to day impact a good workout session has. It’s very easy to lose motivation when you don’t see results immediately. That’s why your workout routine needs to be something you enjoy doing.

Did you always think MMA is something you’d want to try? Or maybe Yoga is what gets you going. If you haven’t found out your fitness ‘fix’ yet, try Fitato. It gets you to access a host of fun fitness activities.

So, this New Year – try something different.

Download the Fitato App and try it for a month. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with fitness!

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