Are you going to the gym without any goals in mind?

If yes, then you have some serious contemplation to do my friend. Going to the gym is no joke, and working out without a goal only does two things:
You waste your time and your money!!

  • Do you wander from machine to machine, copying whatever that one buff guy is doing?

Are you one of those people who copies the most muscular person around you? If yes, then you really need to STOP!!
Copying someone makes you work for their goals, not yours. And that might lead to serious injury, and definitely to wasting your precious $$bling$$.
Figure out what you want to do, and stick to your own routine!

  • Do you work out less and stare at that cute girl/guy more?

Well, if you go to the gym to work out your eyes instead of your body, well there’s nothing I can say to dispute that. Just make sure that person’s worth your gyms membership fees 😛 (or you could try Fitato’s Flexi Pass which lets you go to any fitness center 10 times, so you don’t pay extra for all the times you don’t go work out)

  • Do you take more time in picking out your outfit than you do actually working out?

Well, you sure need to get your priorities straight. Honestly, if you can get into an outfit that looks good on you and makes you look muscular and hot, who knows, maybe you don’t need to workout after all??

  • Is drinking pre-workout a religious ritual for you just because your friend told you to do so?

We all have that one friend that routinely chugs down protein shakes as if his life depends on it. But that doesn’t mean you have to do so too. Protein shakes and supplements are meant for the usage of people who don’t get enough protein from their daily food. That means they are seriously into bodybuilding or muscle building. For most of us, that is not the case, so unless you explicitly need to take extra protein, eating dal and lentils regularly should do the trick!

  • Is “eating like a pig” less of an expression, and more of a reality for you?

The most common connotation to the word “fitness”, is a guy working out at a gym with bulging biceps, but that couldn’t be more wrong. Fitness is more about eating right than it is about exercising. It almost 80% about eating right, and 20% about exercising. Technically speaking, you could not exercise AT ALL and still be fit!!

  • Is drinking water just as rare for you as it is for someone in the desert?

Our bodies are 70% water, and for it to stay that way, its important to keep drinking water all throughout the day. Unless you’re doing a “bhook hartal” to fight for your rights, don’t let your body go through the torture of drinking no water at all.

  • Do you go to the gym because that’s where all your friends “chill”?

In times like these, when there are a perpetual stream of cafe’s and bars coming up across town in every nook and cranny if the gym is the only place you can find to hang out; you have some serious contemplation to do about your life.

  • Do your shoes cost more than the yearly gym membership?

Well, if they help you fly, then maybe they’re worth it. But otherwise, focus on quality workout sessions than apparel that might help you look good…but still remain unhealthy.

  • Do you think going to the gym is the only way to lose weight?

Well, if you’re overweight and seriously need to lose weight, it’s okay. Otherwise, you shouldn’t relate working out or fitness for that matter to weight loss. Fitness is so much more than weight loss, it’s about feeling good about yourself and your body and most importantly staying healthy. You could be a bit overweight than what you’re supposed to weigh, and still be fit, you know!


If you passed this quiz, CONGRATULATIONS!! You are certified to go and work out in your gym, but if you didn’t, well you have some work to do. And Fitato is here to be with you all the way!! 

Download our app and have fun fiddling around with hundreds of fitness centers around your city, ALL FOR THE PRICE OF ONLY ONE !!

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