Good Morning,

How are you doing today?

I know you have a very busy schedule with work to do, errands to run, money to make or just relax while watching TV, but I request you to take out 2 minutes of your time.

I’m going to start with a small story. My parents had gone to Israel last year. Mesmerized, my dad couldn’t stop talking about how fit & well off the country is, 60-year-olds running at 4AM and the 6-year-olds cycling away on the streets.  This fitness lifestyle and giving it a priority in their lives had created an impact on his mind, which could last him a lifetime, and he’s a man in the Indian Army, fitness is in the genes there.

That’s the day we decided to work on this dream of making India a fitter & healthier country leading to the birth of Fitato.

We have been researching on the fitness space for over 2 years; fitness motivation, incentivization, gamification, how to possibly get rid of that snooze button on the phone or how to make the world realize we are missing out on the most important aspect in our fast lives: health.  You know, this a line I told our investors,

“When you think of food, there are a dozen brands, chains, startups that come to your mind. The same applies to the so-called social networking or shopping. When I say fitness the only two things that come to your mind are Golds and Talwalkars, as you have seen them all over or a Nike, Adidas, brand that manufactures clothes for god sake, Fitato, is going to become that platform/brand”


They loved the thought of it. It is a brilliant opportunity. The whole world is unfit and is ready to pay a bomb to solve the problem, without realizing that its the one thing that should be free. It is your body after all. Even climbing those stairs is good enough.


We worked harder, made B plans, customer research surveys, indexed customer behavior and a whole lot of other stuff. We launched a few weeks back and have a decent enough, in fact really good customer base. All the metrics are successfully in place for the next round of funding. In this process, however, I realized that we are still not solving the problem. People just don’t want to get fit. The burger seems more tempting and having a beer at High Spirits or Hidden Place is definitely a more fruitful use of their disposable income. This is the reason I am writing to you today at 3 A.M in the morning.

I write to you, that I need your help. A problem that persists within you and I which cannot be solved without your support. I want to share this dream of making India a fitter country. I don’t want the people of our country to be recognized by “The Great Indian Belly”.


This isn’t a marketing or promotional mail. Neither does it follow any guidelines of “How to successfully write an effective marketing blog.” I frankly don’t care if you join Fitato, though I must say it’s a pretty cool product. What I want from you is to get out of that rut, just get out, move, run up the stairs, dance a little, explore, smile a little and experience the same joy you did as a child on the playground. Let’s be there for each other and make a strong community because this is a challenge for the nation.


At last the tagline for Fitato: MAKE FITNESS YOUR PLAYGROUND



This is my contact information. If you have any doubts, queries, suggestions, want to have a brainstorming session or just require a partner for working out. Cheers.

Karan Murada

+91 8390229669

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