With the weekend just around the corner, you’re probably going to get all comfortable in the cozy confines of your bedroom. And it’s going to be just that much harder to get out of bed on Monday, especially if you workout early in the morning.

Well, here’s a foolproof plan that wouldn’t just inspire you to head to the gym but also make you want to work harder. As it’s an open secret that most of us wish to spend the weekend with our best buddy a.k.a. Netflix.

So we have curated a list of five inspirational documentaries about the fitness world that’s not only going to leave you awestruck but also push you to go the extra mile in your workouts.

1. Functional Fitness (2016)

Duration: 1 hour 46 minutes

If you are already a part of the growing trend of functional fitness or are wondering what the ruckus is all about, then this is a must-watch for you. The documentary explores this fitness phenomenon through the eyes of gym owners, athletes, and those just beginning their fitness journey (#relatable).

The film, not only depicts hardships in the journey but also proves how it is worth it. How you will always reap a ton of rewards at the end of the long hard road

2. The Perfect Physique (2015)

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

Well, the name says it all. If a perfect physique is what you desire, then it’s best to know from the horse’s mouth how to get there. The documentary focuses on the world’s top 10 male fitness models who tell their tales of struggle and success that got them where they are.

Throughout the course of the film, these ten individuals have a discussion among themselves about what it means for them to train their bodies. The depth and honesty with which these athletes recount their stories often brings them to the point of tears. Although the cover doesn’t look like it’ll be much of a tearjerker, I’d advise you to keep a couple of handkerchiefs handy.

3. Generation Iron 2 (2017)

Duration: 1 hour 46 minutes

This is a perfect match for those who set hard goals for themselves and leave no stones unturned to achieve them. Here’s a documentary that revolves around men who set their eyes on the title of Mr. Olympia. It shows how crossed all boundaries to get to their goals.

If you wish to have a peek at how they train and also enjoy reality tv and intense competitive drama, be sure to put this one on your watchlist this weekend.

4. Froning: The Fittest Man in History

Duration: 1 hour 39 minutes

Well, not everyone reaches the top and when they do, they can’t usually keep themselves there. If you really wish to be inspired, then why not learn from the “Fittest Man in history”. So, spend the weekend diving into the childhood of Rich Froning Jr., a legend in CrossFit and the Fitness industry. Follow his quest for the fourth CrossFit Games title, and see him as a son, a husband and a new father.

The film is as relatable as it gets for everyone aspiring to be a better person, mentally and physically.

5. Ronnie Coleman: The King (2018)

Duration: 1 hour 33 minutes

On a slightly different note, it is always great to know what one’s signing up for. On your journey to fitness, there’s a lot to gain and a lot to lose. The film focuses on the eight-time Mr. Olympia title winner, Ronnie Coleman. Now retired, he has undergone over 6 surgeries leaving him unable to walk without crutches. Yet his desire to train like a pro-bodybuilder is undeterred.

If you wish to see what a true testament of commitment to fitness, you cannot miss out on this documentary. We all need someone to look up to in our quest to a better person. And, Ronnie can definitely be that inspiration.

Well, that’s it from us. We hope you’ve enjoyed our list. If you want to get your daily dose of fitness motivation, look no further than one of these documentaries.


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