Are you one of those people who function on a Work-Eat-Exercise-Sleep-Repeat schedule? While you are functioning on a healthy schedule, don’t you wonder sometimes whether it’s the best way to go? Don’t you think exercise should come first in this routine?

Yes, we are asking you to work out in the morning. Before you start blabbering about how impossible it to work out, finish your morning chores and head to work and reach on time, stop.

First of all, it is not impossible. Many people do it. Secondly, you do realise that it’s all about waking up a little earlier than usual. But why should you put yourself through the misery of ditching your sleep and heading for a workout in the morning? You are working out rigorously in the evening and that should suffice, right? Well, it doesn’t.

Morning workouts are much more effective than those in the evening. When you workout in the morning, it boosts your metabolism for the day. Once you sweat in the morning, you are not only energised but you also burn more calories all through the day, just because of your heightened metabolism. And not just that, morning workouts let you sleep better in the night.

With that said, we also understand that waking up in the morning can’t be a difficult task. We know that you prefer to snooze your alarm till the 11th hour and get up, just to reach your work or college in time. So, how would you get yourself to set an alarm an hour earlier than usual and actually wake up according to it. Here’s are a few ways that might actually work.

Ways To Motivate Yourself For An Early Morning Workout

Dress Up To Dominate

Learn to dominate your morning sleepy self using your determined self the night before. Workout clothes are often comfortable enough to sleep in. So, why don’t you dress up the night before in your best gym clothes? With that, you can tell your morning self that you decided this and you will stick to it.

plan in advance morning motivation

If not that, just decide your workout clothes, pack your gym bag the night before and keep it somewhere you can see as soon as you wake up. It will be a reminder of your decision and help you ditch your bed.

Distance Yourself From Your Alarm

Sometimes, long-distance relationships work better. So, instead of setting your alarm clock or phone right next to you, keep it somewhere you have to walk up to turn it off. This will, maybe unwillingly, get you out of bed. And once you are out, let’s hope you can ward off your temptation to get back in bed.

alarm morning motivation

But for this to work, make sure you keep your alarm volume at its highest. Lest you’d probably sleep peacefully while it buzzes mildly at a distance. Yes, you have to be harsh on yourself if you want this to work.

Find A Workout Buddy

This is a tried and tested way to meet your early morning workout goal. Find a person who, just like you, is trying to be an early riser. More often than not, your fitness buddy and you can be the best motivation for each other. Be each other’s morning alarm, give each other pep talk and even challenge each other.

workout buddy morning motivation

This buddy could be your gym colleague, your college friend, your office mate or even your bae. Just make sure that you and your buddy pester each other on call, WhatsApp, tweet and even Snapchat, it necessary until the other person wakes up.

Try Something Different

This is yet another formula that works for the Fitato community. We know that getting up every morning and heading for the same workout can get mundane. As a result, your motivation is bound to dwindle after a few days. Which is why, we at Fitato, experiment with new fitness activities everyday.

different activities morning motivation

Go for a Zumba class on Monday, lift weights on Tuesday, swim on Wednesday, try Pilates on Thursday, and join a football match on Friday. Basically, don’t stick to one fitness centre or one institute and you will be excited to get up every morning and do the new thing.  And how can you do this, try Fitato.

Set A Fitness Goal

This is equally important to keep you going. When everything else fails, remind yourself of why you started in the first place. Remind yourself what you want to achieve with the fitness regime that you have chosen. For this, you would need a goal.

fitness goal morning motivation

Your fitness goal needs to be challenging and concrete. Not something vague or minial. For instance, “I will go to the gym everyday” cannot be a fitness goal. On the contrary, “I will be able to run a 5k in the next three months” can be a good goal.

In The End

Remember, nothing can deter you if you are focused and resolute about making fitness a part of your lifestyle. All you have to do is be stronger than your excuses and not let laziness get the better of you. So, are you switching to a morning workout?

For more information on all the different gyms and fitness activities (CrossFit, Yoga, Zumba, etc), you can try out in your city, check out Fitato. Fitato is your single membership to various gyms & fitness studios in your city. So what are you waiting for? Download the app now.

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