Fitato Captains are the heart and soul of our Fitato Community. For those wondering who Fitato Captains are- they are our in-house fitness experts.

Call them trainers, buddies, guides, friends or even motivators, Fitato Captains are all about Fitness. You can go to them for fitness motivation and fitness advice. You can also rely on them to guide you to the best fitness events around you.

It’s time to know more about our Captain, Kaaba Khan.

Introducing Fitato Captain: Kaaba Khan

A law student and an amazing Yoga instructor, Kaaba is our in-house Aqua Yoga specialist. As a kid, she’d always be experiment with new things and activities. The love for choices is what got her to Fitato, where she still keeps on experimenting with Fitness.

Kaaba Khan Fitato Captain

1) How do you keep yourself motivated every day? What keeps you going and gives you strength?

Well, any positive action that we take enhances our life experience. And that’s enough to keep me motivated. I have mostly been self-motivated and luckily have found amazing mentors to keep me going. Other than that, seeing people being their true self and being the best version of themselves motivates me too. Being somewhat independent, ever since I completed my schooling has given me the strength to be the way I am today.

2) As a child, what did you want to become when you grow up?

I wanted to be a ‘space astronaut girl’ and wanted to save people as a kid. I was highly curious about the cosmos.  I still hope to grow as an individual who helps and inspires people in different ways!

3) So what do you do when you’re not at the gym?

When not at the gym I spend most of my time reading, watching different documentaries or going out to eat which I like a lot. Other than that, I love spending time with friends and family.  I love being out in nature so I go for treks and chill at beautiful places with my family, sometimes too.

Kaaba Khan Fitato Captain

4) What is the importance of fitness in your life?

Fitness is one of the top 3 important things in my life.  I firmly believe that being healthy is of utmost importance because our mind and the body are the most treasured elements of our life. Also, I’ve lived some of my most cherished moments while I was getting fitter. So, fitness is almost synonymous to happiness for me.

5) Do you follow a strict diet? What is your diet like?

Well, I do majorly eat healthy because I naturally like to do so but I don’t believe in restricting my diet to a level which makes one lose the connection with food. I also have an intense sweet tooth so binge on sweets often. But definitely one should consider a diet that best suits them since everybody type has a different requirement.

6) How did you get to know about Fitato?

One of my cousins told me about Fitato when I expressed my interest in joining a gym as well as practising yoga. It was hard for me to choose either. So, he suggested that I try Fitato membership through which I can head to the gym as well as go for Yoga based on my mood.

7) How do you use your Fitato pass?

Even since I’ve been a part of Fitato, I’ve gotten to experience so many forms of fitness which I couldn’t have otherwise. I make the best possible use of it. I go for weight lifting regularly and practice yoga too. Occasionally, I go for martial arts too and intend to learn it properly in the coming weeks. I also take part in almost every Fitato Exclusive event- sometimes even as an instructor. I basically exploit my choices as much as I can.

Kaaba Khan Fitato Captain

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