It’s that time of the year again. We’re all busy reviewing our 2018 goals. Just like everyone else, I spent a good amount of time looking back on how many plans I had for this year and how the year literally flew past and well, where I stand now.

This is also a time when we are planning new things for 2019. I too have a huge list of goals and resolutions (especially useful on a 31st night when everyone is asking you what your resolution is and you are drunkenly repeating a carefully memorized list)

But leaving all of that aside, I want to talk about the mental habits that will help us achieve what we have set. Your list might talk about learning how to cook, taking up a new language, travelling, or simply trying to get fit.

All of this is what makes us different, but how we tackle our goals remains similar to everyone else. It all boils down to mental strength. I want to take you through some common practices that you need to set as reminders, maybe even frame it on your wall, just so you know that you’re doing your best, and giving up is not an option 😊

Don’t Trust The Online World

Many of us think the online world is the perfect picture and everyone wants to have that life. We don’t see the hard work, the ugly bits of someone’s journey, and we only concentrate on the glamour. DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE MISLED. Your time will come, do not compare your life to someone else’s online. Similarly, do not compare your day 1 to someone else’s day 365.

Yogesh Diddee on Fitness goals fitato

Listen To Yourself

Your body is always speaking to you, but we are so caught up with everything around us- work, personal issues, friends, parties, be it anything. When was the last time you actually dedicated a day to yourself, to do things that YOU wanted to do for YOURSELF? Engage in activities that bring out the real you. It’s okay to take time off.

Don’t Sleep On It

If you have queries, misunderstanding, if something is bothering you, don’t brush it under the carpet and keep it for later. Face it. Let it out. It’ll eradicate the mental stress and trauma you were having. After letting it out you’ll see a difference in your usual activities. You will be able to work a better, eat better and focus better. Express!

Yogesh Diddee Fitato on letting go

Don’t Give Up

If it didn’t happen in this year, keep at it, you know you’ve worked hard and you just need some more time! Move it to the next year and focus, write it down somewhere that keeps you reminding of you of the same. Make it your wallpaper on your phone. But don’t give up! Try to go to the root of your problem, understand what is not working out.

Here’s wishing all of you a lovely 2019!

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