In present times, millennials ignore their sleeping patterns the most, which ends up adversely affecting their health. If you are looking to get fit, you cannot sideline proper sleep.
Answer a simple question. When was the last time you enjoyed deep, carefree sleep post a hectic day at work or after a rigorous workout? You probably won’t be able to recall it. Why? Because you so caught up in your lifestyle that taking some rest often ends up being one of your least concerns. Who has time to go to bed after work, partying, time with bae, Netflix and social media scouting? There’s always so much to do and just 24 hours to do it, right? And you have priorities. Sleep, not being one of them. Change that now.

All of us need to take a pause from our busy schedules and rethink our sleeping patterns carefully. Times have conditioned us to believe sleeping makes us lazy, or unproductive, but it is in fact extremely important for sustenance and longevity.

Did you know, lack of proper sleep can lead to heart attacks too?! Don’t even get me started on the number of mental ailments it leads to. Instead of scaring you with the negatives, here are a few advantages of having a good sleeping pattern.

importance of sleep

It Reboots Your Body

Sleep replenishes the entire body with energy and recharges you for the next day’s work. It restores the nervous system which is one of the major driving factors for your muscle reaction time, and so much more.
It also keeps your hormones in check and releases growth hormones which are required for muscle building and recovery.

Sleep Improves Your Emotional Health

You need 6-8 hours of sleep to maintain your emotional health. Of course, a lot of personal reasons drive your emotions but sleeping well can help you prevent unwanted mood swings or emotional outbursts. More often than not, when you wake up in the morning, you are relaxed and less stressed about your usual qualms than you were the night before. At the same time, avoid oversleeping. You need a maximum of eight hours of sleep to recharge. Sleeping for longer duration might end up disrupting your body clock and make it difficult for you to fall asleep again.

Sleep Aids Workout Progress

While you sleep, nutrient absorption in your body is more rapid. It also induces the release of the Growth Hormone (GH). Especially in men, where 60-70% of the Growth Hormone secretion occurs in the first few hours of sleep, which typically is the time when a person is deep asleep. Not just that, your body repairs organs, bones, and tissues; replenishes immune cells, and circulates human growth hormone. All these processes will be hampered if your sleep cycle is disturbed as it has a direct impact on your physical well-being.

sleeps aids workout progress

It Prevents Mood Disorders

Lack of sleep can actually disrupt your whole day making you irritated, low on energy and also make you feel overworked before you even start your day. Sleeplessness and mood disorders are closely linked. And it can work both ways – sleep loss can affect your mood, and your mood can affect how much and how well you sleep.

In The End

Now you know why taking a good night’s sleep is so important. If you have trouble sleeping, I have three pieces of advice for you. First of all, start exercising. Exercising regularly also helps us to rest well as it produces chemical adenosine in the brain which makes us feel sleepy. Secondly, let go of your gadgets when it’s time to go to bed. Keep them far away from you 30 minutes before your retiring for the day. Lastly, avoid having heavy meals just before bedtime.

So, pay attention to your sleep. Because while you are asleep, your body works.

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