From IIT Kharagpur to opening Crossfit Vyom in Pune, Nitheesh Ballal’s journey has been quite a rollercoaster ride and an inspiration to a lot of us out here.

JEE, they said, was one of the toughest exams to crack, which did turn out to be true for Nitheesh. He failed on the first attempt. But that just motivated him to invest another year in sheer hard work. This time it worked and he landed up in IIT Kharagpur, with an Agricultural & Food Engineering (B.Tech / M.Tech) Dual Degree to his name.

The 5 years at IIT KGP helped shape him into what he is right now. He was much more than a straight-A transcript back then as well. Be it winning Best Player at Volleyball tournaments, receiving gold medals for Powerlifting and Weightlifting, getting crowned Mr. Inter IIT & Mr. IIT KGP, engaging in multiple sports or even choreographing, he was into everything! He simply submerged himself in the college culture. He had a knack for coaching people and this fact was proven numerous times.

5 years zoomed by and left him with his first job in hand, at PwC. Like every other fresh graduate, he was all ready to set foot in the corporate world. At the very same time, he knew he wanted more. Thus came his start-up, Transformations Elite, helping the general masses with their fitness.

He needed to learn, master and grind. During this process, he stumbled upon Functional Training & amp; CrossFit by Shivoham (Founder of SHIVFIT – THE SPIRIT OF FITNESS). Crossfit had him entranced. Nitheesh dug deeper into Crossfit and gradually absorbed it, bit by bit. Every step he took to explore Crossfit, he realized it’s worth even more. Since then he started incorporating the CrossFit methodology into his training.

There were ups, and there were downs. An important set back was the Reebok Fitness Challenge 2016 where Nitheesh was certain of this event being his break-through. But reality slapped him hard and he ended up placing 9th out of 10 participants. This defeat enabled him to figure out his flaws, pinpoint them, and knock them off. And exactly 5 months later, SHIVFIT– THE BATTLE OF THE FITTEST 2016 bowed down to him. He conquered it! 23rd December 2016 was the day he let go off his job at PwC. He then opened up his own box after getting the Crossfit Level 1 Certification.

Since then, there has been no looking back. Every single day has been unbelievable. The inner contentment of following his dream, his passion, is beyond words.

Crossfit has been a part of him for a year and a half and he strives to get better by the day. Having a science background, he explains, “I appreciate the way CrossFit explains and approaches Fitness with logic and science behind every single move. When you can implement that on people to produce amazing results in terms of fitness, it can definitely be considered a blessing.”

Presently, they have a number of athletes training at Crossfit Vyom. “We are a community, a family that shares a part of our lives with each other.”  In merely 6 months, they have been successful in producing athletes worthy of competing at Finale of SHIVFIT – THE BATTLE OF THE FITTEST, happening in October 2017.

Looking back at his journey, he has loads of gratitude towards the importance of the mind and the power of its visualization. Fitness is far more than just about your body and nutrition, and a lot of it deals with your mind too. “This was taught to me by Vrinda Mehta (Co-Founder of SHIVFIT with Shivoham).”- Nitheesh Ballal


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