With each passing day, our lives are getting more hectic. In the rush to succeed, get it all and progress, we are getting busier. We are so busy making a living that we have stopped enjoying life. As we keep aiming for a better and more prosperous future, we are spoiling our present.

It’s time to pause and think what you are really getting out of this fast-pacing, hectic lifestyle that you have chosen for yourself. Let us give you some hint.

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A survey conducted by Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company in August 2018 revealed that 95% of the millennials (in the age group 18-34) in India are stressed. Yes, we have surpassed the global average by almost 10%. And you know what is the major trigger for stress? Work. I guess that shouldn’t surprise you. You are most likely one of them.

That’s not it. You know that obesity is reaching an epidemic level in our country with 5% of the population being obese. Before you think that’s a low figure, know that it is equal to around 67.5 million Indians. To top that, another study by Cancer Research UK suggested that millennials are set to be the most overweight generation since current records began.

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So, you get the gist, right? We are a generation which is succumbing to two great evils and leading a really unhealthy lifestyle. And this World Health Day, it’s time to rethink that. Do we really want to be a generation that over stress and is perpetually out of shape?

No, right? Before taking corrective measures, we must look back and speculate what we have been doing wrong this whole time.

Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits Leading To Stress And Obesity

Lack Of Work-Life Balance

Well, is there even a need to elaborate on this one? You wake up, head to work, get stressed about having too much on your plate, get back home and sleep. Next morning, you prepare to slog another day. Sometimes, you even work late because, well, deadlines. In a culture, where an employee who works overtime is considered “serious” about the job- you go on to work even on Saturdays and sometimes even ruin your Sundays over it.

Is it worth it? Okay, you get some bonus. But what about that time you missed with your friend or family or bae? What about all the stress you took, all the sleep you missed and all the appreciation you probably never got?


We don’t recommend that you don’t give your 100% at work but don’t compromise on your personal life over it. Don’t let work keep you so busy that you don’t have time to chill, time to spend with yourself and with people who matter.

Choosing Either Diet Or Workout

Don’t think that hitting the gym for an hour gives you the right to hog on all the junk you can find. Nor does eating salads all day long gives you the liberty to stick to your couch. You can’t out train a bad diet and you can’t eat healthy to compensate for the lack of physical activity.

You need a healthy balance of both, and the sooner you realise that, the better for you. Eat healthy food, take short walks every now and then. Don’t sit in front of your computer like you are meant to die on that chair. You need to make sure you take care of your health, even at work. Here are some tips that can help you with workplace wellness.

Lack Of Consistency

This again is a major issue with us, millennials. We give up too easily. Patience probably isn’t our forte. And we must change that. You would probably get motivated by reading this article or something similar, start a healthy lifestyle for a week or two and then go back to the old ways.

Well, progress may be slow but it is still progress and you can’t keep switching back and forth from a healthy to an unhealthy lifestyle. You are messing up your body systems worse. You change your lifestyle before your body adapts to it. Change that.

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How do all these get you stressed and obese? Well, you worry about work, then you worry about not having a personal life, then you worry about your body being out of shape and then you stress-eat or sleep or divert yourself with a Rom-Com or PUBG. You are stressed so you get obese, and once you are obese, you stress about it. It’s a vicious circle and only a healthy lifestyle can get you out of it.

So, here are some things you can do get out of this unhealthy circle of life.

Tips To Combat A Unhealthy Lifestyle

Me-Time And Drawing The Line

It may sound hard but only you can draw a line between hard-work and over-work. You need to learn to say no. Say no to working on weekends. Don’t let the last minute something at work make you cancel your plans with you bae, family or even yourself.

Which is where you “Me-time comes”. Take time out to concentrate on your health, your mental peace. Go out for a trek, some serene outing or anything you wish to do. You will automatically feel happier and calmer.


One thing that we are not good at is commitment. So, the best way to stay committed to something is by being accountable to a person or a fitness program. For instance, you can try the Fitato Community with a Fitato membership. They would keep motivating you to strive towards better health. You can also find a fitness buddy. And you both can get healthier together.

Take Small Steps

This is yet another thing that you must keep in mind. You can’t break the mountains in days. So, if you keep your goals as I lose 20kgs in 2 months, all you will get is a disappointment. It’s better to have easier, more rational goals that can serve as small milestones towards a healthier lifestyle. For instance, you can keep your goal as working out at least 5 days a week.

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Overall, it’s time you change how you approach your work and life. It’s time you make good health a priority. Again, it just won’t mean physical fitness but also being happy, being peaceful and enjoying good relations.

So, stay healthy, stay fit and keep smiling.

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