It’s holiday season guys, whoo!! With Christmas just around the corner and New Year’s right after it; it would almost seem like having a fun time is almost mandatory this time of the year.

With all the booze flowing, and cakes, pastries, cookies, candies, it’s absolutely impossible to resist the holiday spirit and stick to that diet that you have been following for the past few weeks. But beware! All it takes for you to go downhill and gain some holiday weight is that one single cookie!

But never fear, we are here to save your day (and maybe even that extra kilo :P), we came up with 6 foolproof ways to stay on point with your fitness plan and not go downhill like a round snowball!!

Get OUT there!!

Make the world your playground!! There is so much to do around this time, people to meet, long-lost relations to renew, groceries to buy, and much more! Its fine that you want to snuggle inside the blanket with your SO and not go out in the bitter cold, but sitting on your butt the entire time won’t help you make it smaller.

Go out, have fun, and sweat that holiday tummy off. You need to sacrifice your comfort to get in shape for that dress you’ve been eyeing all month. Plus, its said that the cold increases your metabolism and helps you use up your fat reserves faster. So what’re you waiting for!! Get out there already.

Treat yourself

No, not with food, you’ve already been doing that, but fitness accessories. Go buy that expensive pair of running shoes that you’ve secretly been eyeing on for so long. This will do two things; once you buy it, you’ll feel guilty about it and be forced to use it wisely, and secondly, it might just boost your confidence to run that extra mile. Sometimes in life, you have to guilt yourself into doing things because you just won’t do them otherwise.

Choose a daunting task (and overcome it!)

Once in a while, you must do something that is grossly exhilarating; choose to do something that you think you might never complete, just to try something new. Have fun with it and mix it up a bit! Never competed in professional events? Sign up for a marathon, or if you’re feeling a bit adventurous even a decathlon! Choose something that marks the end of the year in style (and maybe even helps you shed that extra weight you gained from all those treats??)

Officially declare your intentions

We as humans are inherently lazy, and we need a constant motivating factor that pushed us to achieve more. It can be anything from your mom’s beating to your boss’s sharp tongue, but something that keeps you on your toes. Putting you’re an of running in a marathon or competing in a decathlon will surely raise some brows, and help you find that long lost motivation to get off your ass and sweat your fat out!

Partner up amigo!!

Tell someone you think will be interested in what you’re planning on, so you have someone to share the experience with. This will also give you motivation to not quit when you want to because all of you can motivate each other till the end. Not just now, you can use this strategy to overcome any overwhelming task in life, share it with people to make it feel a tad bit easier.

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