We all feel the burn of the modern-day, fast-paced, high-pressure lifestyle at some point or the other. In the race to complete targets, meet deadlines, excel academically or professional, we miss out on our health. More often than not, you’d find excusing yourself from your workout sessions after a tiring day at work. You’d be mentally and physically so exhausted that showing up to the gym or going for a workout becomes out of question. 

And this is a hustle. Trekking can prove to be the right escapade you need to stay healthy and get away from the noisy city life. Trekking is one of the most natural forms of exercising. Investing merely  30-minute in a trek burns around 258 calories. Not just that, trekking can provide a lot of health benefits. 

Health Benefits of Trekking

Helps In Overall Muscle Growth

Trekking is a highly versatile CrossFit routine utilizing most of the body functions. As trekking involves walking, climbing, ascending, descending it helps in strengthening our quads, glutes, calves, and hamstrings. While trekking your core body strength also comes in use.

A great advantage that trekking brings to the table as compared to other workouts like cycling, running, weight training is that most of your body functions are worked upon at the same time during trekking. While cycling and running mostly work on your legs and weights on your upper body, trekking provides an overall workout. 

Trekkers walking on plateau

Builds Endurance

Our sedentary lifestyle and our lack of movement are reducing our endurance and increasing chances of falling ill. Trekking helps in building our stamina and endurance. With a constant goal of reaching the summit, we start by walking and then increase our pace warming up our body.

With constantly changing terrain and climatic conditions, the body is challenged continuously which builds our strength and stamina. Similarly, the descend serves as a  cooling down process. This eventually helps our body to avoid big damages

Improves Cardiovascular Strength

The health of our heart is crucial in a healthy lifestyle. Factors like BMI, percentage of body fat, blood pressure, glucose, triglycerides, and total cholesterol are involved to measure the fitness of your heart. Trekking involves cardio exercises like running and climbing which greatly aids the strengthening of our heart.

A study conducted to measure the effect of trekking involved in the cardiovascular strength of older obese women found out that trekking played a significant role in the reduction of weight and systolic blood pressure in obese women. (Source: Europe PMC). Therefore trekking becomes a great option for the people who face heart issues but are also not able to dedicate time to the gym.

Trekker looking at a view

Increases Bone Strength

A lot of movement involved in trekking needs to be carried out by combining the bodyweight along with weights in the form of bags on your shoulders. This helps in building your bone density. High bone density means good bone health. Which also assists in greater balance and coordination of motion functions of the human body. 

Mental and Social Health Benefits Of Trekking

Apart from being a great physical activity, going on a trek is amazing for your overall well being. Some added benefits include: 

You are revitalized

Away from the smoke and noise of the city, trekking allows you to rejuvenate. Amidst the fresh air and calm surroundings, your body is able to revitalize. 

You build bonds

A group trek allows us to meet new people from different walks of life. It allows you to build bonds, share stories, and nurture friendships. 

Friends walking on a trek

You feel happier 

Our body releases endorphins while trekking. Combining the stress-relieving effects of endorphins with untouched serenity of nature and good times with friends, trekking fills our workout with happiness and solitude. 

Trekking helps in building different muscles, core, and strong endurance. Similarly, trekking also aids in achieving calmness bringing down the stress levels in our day to day lives.  

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