Man is a social animal. Yes, we all know that. And that’s what makes us “the most evolved species”. Yet, nowadays, we prefer to stay cocooned in our own rooms and comfort zones. Believe it or not, loneliness will eat you away sooner or later. On the contrary, socializing benefits your body in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine.

There’s no denying that in the present fast-pacing world, you need to have some “me-time” to wash away your blues and recharge yourself. But at the same time, companionship, meeting people and having social interactions is equally necessary.

Cutting yourself out will cause you more harm than good. And not just emotionally, but also physically. On the other hand, innumerable studies show that socially active individual stay healthier and live longer.

Still not convinced? Here are some proven direct benefits of socializing that might convince you.

Health Benefits of Socializing

Socializing Is An Antidote For Stress And Anxiety

It is obvious that sharing your woes with a dear one makes you feel relieved. Ever wondered how? The explanation is rather biological. In-person interactions release a whole bunch of neurotransmitters which serve as an antidote for stress not just at that moment but for later as well.

Benefits of Socializing- Antidote to Stress
Stay Stress Free

Simply put, when you shake hands with someone, hug a person or merely do a high-five, your body releases oxytocin, increasing your trust in that person and at the same times, reduces the level of cortisol, thereby reducing stress and anxiety.

And of course, socializing is the most direct treatment for social anxiety.

Makes sense, right? So, don’t forget to hug your buddy next time he or she is stressed. At the same time, when you feel anxious, do find some comforting arms to increase your oxytocin levels!

Socializing Keeps Cold Away

Believe it or not, it works. A social interaction a day might just keep the doctor away! It has rather been proven by a study from the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology. Not kidding!

Benefits of Socializing- Keep cold away
Keep Cold Away

They explain that people who have more social indulges are less likely to catch a cold. This stems from the fact that socializing boosts your immune system. Yes, it has been listed as one of the top ten ways to boost your immune system.

Researchers actually injected cold viruses into people and studied them. The loners felt sick easily, stayed sick longer. While the social butterflies didn’t catch a cold at all, or if they did, they recovered faster.

So, social engagement can actually keep you off cold, flu and in some cases, even cancer.

Socializing Helps You Sleep Well

Now you’d be thinking, how will you sleep when you are out partying all night. But we are saying how will you sleep if you are busy overthinking? According to a research from the University of Chicago, socially secluded people get more restless and their sleep is highly disrupted.

Benefits of Socializing- Sleep Well
Sleep Well

As against those who have fulfilled social lives. These people are relaxed and enjoy deep sleep.

Socializing Reduces Diabetes Risk

How better can it get? Really? Next time someone asks you why your keep partying, staying out or meeting people, just say you are preventing diabetes. It’s true.

Benefits of Socializing- Reduced Diabetes risj
Keep Diabetes Away

A study conducted by Maastricht University reveals that socializing actually reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. According to the study, social network characteristics – such as social support, network size, or type of relationships affect the risk of type 2 diabetes. It reveals resolving social isolation may keep you away from type 2 diabetes.

Socializing Helps You Live Longer

Who wants to die soon? It’s a proven fact that people who are socially engaged live 50% longer than those who are alone and isolated. A study from Bringham Young University revealed that.

Benefits of Socializing- Live Long
Live Long

Isn’t it obvious? People who care about you, help you reduce stress and help you take better care of yourself. As a result, you live longer.

Socializing For Real

Needless to say, you won’t get all these benefits if you post a new status every day or share Insta stories by the hour. Socialising is offline, socialising is real-time interactions, not virtual. Set out, meet people.

Socialize for real
Not-so-real Socializing

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