Partying is fun. We know. When you slog all week, you tend to relax with a couple of beers (or a lot more) over the weekend. Not just that, we understand it’s not hard to find reasons to consume some alcohol. It could be an office party, your best friend’s birthday, a tiring day at work or the celebration of your promotion. The reasons are plenty. While the fun you have when you are partying is amazing, doesn’t the next day become a little difficult for you?

When you wake up the next morning with a daunting headache, annoying nausea and crippling dizziness, a tinge of regret creeps in, doesn’t it? “Why did I have to drink so much?” 


With this, you try your regular hangover remedies, snuggle back into your bed and let the misery fade away over time. You, obviously, feel too drained to even think of heading out for your workout.

And this is where you go wrong. If you actually manage to beat the hangover blues, wear your gym gear and head for a workout, you can actually be able to kiss your hangover goodbye.

The Science

According to a study reported by the New York Times, exercising helps beat the effects of alcohol on the brain. The study conducted by the University of Louisville claimed that aerobic exercises can cure a hangover. For the study, three groups of mice were observed. One group of mice were not served alcohol, the other two were. Out of the two groups, the one which was given alcohol and made to run on a treadmill had the same number of neurons as those who didn’t get alcohol. While the group which had alcohol and did not exercises had lesser number of neurons as compared to the other two. Exercising had prevented brain damage in their brain.

Now, we know that you might doubt the credibility of experiments done on mice. We are humans- our brains probably function differently. Well, to soothe your sceptic mind, there is also a logical explanation behind this. Alcohol inhibits the functioning of our brain, slows down metabolism and serves as a depressant. This is no mystery that when you exercise, endorphins or the happy hormones get released. They serve as an antidote to the effects of alcohol. So, by exercising, you are just providing your body with the much need anti-depressant to cure a hangover.

With that said, multiple health experts advise refraining from heavy workouts when you have a hangover. Here’s what you should rather do.

The Hangover Workout

It is not the best idea to take up a strenuous workout after you have gotten sloshed the night before. It could heighten your nausea, worsening your condition even further. What you really need is a low-intensity workout to combat your hungover self without making you sick.

workout for hangover

Suggested workouts while you have a hangover include:

  • Yoga
  • Basic Exercises like jumping jacks, lunges, squats
  • Jogging
  • Stretching
  • Swimming
  • Aerobics

Like you shouldn’t go for High-Intensity Interval Training if you are hungover.

A Word Of Caution

Alcohol is a diuretic and tends to leave you dehydrated. Your body loses more water than it takes in. To top that, there is exercise-induced sweat which leaves you even more dehydrated. Hence, it becomes imperative that you replenish yourself with a few sips of water every 10-15 mins of exercising. Drinking loads of water is a mandatory hangover remedy anyway.

water for hangover

In the end, it is best to exercise regularly and to drink moderately. And if you do decide to get sloshed, make sure to sweat it out the next day.

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