Your search for the best gym near you ends here. Here is another specially curated best gyms list.  To know everything about the best gyms in Viman Nagar and Kalyani Nagar, read on. 

We have kept in mind that you would like to know about different fitness activities, some of these gyms in Viman Nagar and Kalyani Nagar provide yoga, some experiment with Crossfit and some have a swimming pool. Try them all with a single Fitato Membership. 

1. First Fitt

Seamlessly integrating top-notch equipment with high standard training; First Fitt is a chain of gyms somewhat new to the city. They have a staunch goal to revolutionize the fitness scene in Pune and will stop at nothing until they get there. It’s definitely one of the best gyms in Viman Nagar and also amongst the top gyms in Pune. Well-qualified trainers, state of the art equipment and environment in this gym create a feeling of belongingness. All these reasons make it the best gym in Viman Nagar.

Address: 1st Floor, Anand Square, Opp. Symbiosis International School, Viman Nagar Rd, Sakore Nagar, Viman Nagar, Pune 

2. Crossfit Graybar

Crossfit Graybar is ranked as one of the best Crossfit Studios in Pune. The facility is open with no air-conditioning, mimicking true outdoor workouts. We wouldn’t be doing ourselves justice if we didn’t include this in the list of best gyms in Viman Nagar and Kalyaninagar. Amazing facility, amazing people, amazing location, be sure to check it out! It is the only CrossFit studio in Viman Nagar and is definitely one of the best places to do CrossFit!

Address: Survey No. 34/7, Above Shree gym, Off Pune Nagar Road, Viman Nagar, Opp. Phoenix Market City, Pune

3. Capoeira

Originally developed by African slaves in Brazil as their retaliation towards slavery. As opposed to an explicit form of fighting, capoeira is said to be “played” to music in the center of a circle formed by people. Surely a non-mainstream fitness technique that you can find right here on Fitato!

If you like approaching fitness barring anything traditional, this should be your place. It has been voted among the top ten unconventional activities to try out in Pune.

Address: Artsphere, 4th Floor, North Court Building, Road No 12, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra

4. Shree Gym & Swimming

A pool right next to a gym, what else can you ask for? Their indoor styled pool, one of the best in Pune,and workout space is one of the best in the city. The pool almost calls out for you when you’re working out, and soothes your body when you take a dip. Hurry to SGS and have the best workout you can in the city!

Address: S.No.34, Sopan Nagar, OPP Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar Corner, Wadgaon Sheri, Pune

5. Vibez

VIBEZ believes in providing recreational activities for an Individual, Group or Corporates for an overall well-being. We organize activities such as – Zumba Fitness Class, Group workout, Dance Classes, Diet Counselling, Trekking, Team Building getting it into our TOP 10 Fitness Studios list. It is one of the best Zumba classes in Viman Nagar & Kalyani Nagar and also has multiple branches all across Pune.

Address: Life and Dance Studio, 212 & 213 Fortaleza Complex, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

4. Core Fitness

A great work out space, well equipped and superbly managed. It has a range of services to offer and is one of the best places to start off with a healthy lifestyle. They also offer yoga, Zumba, pilates and circuit training.

Address: No. 232, 1st Floor, Lalwani House, Above Axis Bank, Sakore Nagar Cooperative Housing Society, Viman Nagar, Pune

5. Y’phoria Yoga

The instructors at Y’phoria Yoga believe in interacting with the elements during their workouts. Their sessions hope to achieve a higher understanding of one’s body and attain a sense of well-being and inner happiness. Not just in Viman Nagar, Y’Photia Yoga is one of the best yoga classes in Pune to go for. Zahabiya, the owner of Y’Phoria Yoga is one of the best yoga instructors in the Pune.

Address: 1st Floor, Anand Square, Opp. Symbiosis International School, Viman Nagar, Pune

6. Flames School Of Dance

One of the best dance schools in Pune, it has everything related to dance and fitness. Choose from dancing freelance to hip-hop and popular Bollywood numbers or take your pick from classical dance forms like Kathak, Salsa and ballroom dancing. If you’re looking to burn a lot of calories and have fun doing it, make sure you check out their Zumba classes.

Address: Viman Nagar16 B, 3rd Floor, Royal Towers, Above Shrikrishna Resturant And Andhra Bank, Viman Nagar, Pune

7. Crossfit Vyom

Crossfit is a form of functional training which uses bands, ropes, kettlebells, balls, free-weights, and plyometric exercises in an attempt to condition the body in an un-stable environment. It includes mixing up two or three different workout regimes and working out at high-intensity for an extended period of time to ensure maximum fitness and weight loss. Probably the best crossfit gym in all of Pune, this gym definitely deserves a spot in our list of best gyms in Viman Nagar and Kalyaninagar.

Address: LG – 1/2 East Court, Phoenix Market City, Near Big V Telecom, Viman Nagar, Pune

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