Before we get started with our list of best functional training and Crossfit Gyms in Pune, here’s a little something about Functional Training and Crossfit.

What Is Functional Training?

Functional training helps provide you with the strength, stability, and mobility you need to thrive in your life and daily activities. Functional training utilizes exercises that improve your movement proficiency.

In a nutshell, functional training helps you build strength, power, and mobility that translates beyond the gym. It’s “real world” fitness. Fitness which helps you function better in real life. In fact, functional training has its origins in physical therapy.

What is Crossfit?

CrossFit is a special form of functional training which includes elements from several fitness regimes like high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, strongman training, etc.

So, if you’re interested in functional training, we have curated this list of the best Functional training and Crossfit gyms in Pune.

Best Functional Training & CrossFit Studios In Pune

1.Universal Power Martial Arts – Functional Training & CrossFit Studio At NIBM Road

UPMA also promotes a holistic approach towards teaching their students both MMA and the functional training necessary to supplement the training. It promotes the nurturing of both mind and body. Founded by a young martial art enthusiast, Avinash Dhotre, it is a dedicated institute for MMA and Functional Training.

Their functional training programme is equivalent to army training and does wonders for building stamina, endurance, and core stability. Located on the 6th floor of the Royal heritage mall, the view outside the windows compliment your workout and also boost your confidence.

Address: Universal Power Martial Arts, Dorabjee’s Royale Heritage Mall, Survey No. 25/5, NIBM Ext. Next to Vibgyor School, 411060, Dorabjee Paradise, Pune, Maharashtra 411060

2. Outraw Fitness – Functional  Training & CrossFit Studio At Pimple Saudagar

Any list of CrossFit and functional training studios in Pune would be incomplete without a mention of Outraw Training. They focus on MMA and Cross-Functional Training both of which have significant relevance in real-world scenarios. Featuring top-notch equipment and world-class trainers, their training programs are expertly thought out and perfectly detailed to the last degree.

They have a huge area of 3500 sq ft and are committed to not just making people into fitter and better athletes, but also making them better human beings overall. Make sure you also check out their Boxing and Wushu programs. Wushu is a form of close-combat which utilizes your entire body and makes for better cardiovascular functionality. It also aids your core strength, leg strength and increases hip mobility.

Adress: Behind Kautik Hotel, Nakhate Complex, Behind Kautik Hotel, Kalewadi – Rahatani Rd, Rahatani, Pune, Maharashtra 411017

3. Crossfit Graybar – CrossFit Studio At Viman Nagar

Crossfit Graybar is a dedicated CrossFit gym and is part of the international Crossfit community. If you’ve made up your mind that CrossFit is what’s best for you, head on over to Crossfit Graybar and we guarantee you will get more than your money’s worth. Featuring probably the best CrossFit instructors in all of Pune, their programs are designed for both beginners and elite athletes alike.

Needless to say, it becomes one of the best gyms in Viman Nagar.

It’s the most rugged workout you can imagine, ditching all fancy treadmills and sophisticated machinery. Ropes,tyres, boxing bags, free weights, hanging bars & more —it’s as real world as it gets at Crossfit Graybar.

Address: Survey No. 34/7, Above Shree gym, Off Pune Nagar Road, Viman Nagar, Opp. Phoenix market city, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

4. Blitz Athletics – Functional Training & CrossFit Studio At Baner

The Blitz athletics team aims to teach strength and conditioning with their hardcore CrossFit workout routines and other forms of martial arts. When you enter the gym, you will find athletes from various sports and weight-lifting experts. These are the people who you will be training with. There are no machines and treadmills. Instead, you use your own body weight, ropes, tyres, hammers, kettlebells and medicine balls to make you the fittest person you can be.

Founded by Akash and Abhijeet, all you have to do is show up at the gym and they will take care of the rest. Explosive, fun and result oriented, you can bet that every day here is going to be a new adventure and you will learn something new about what your body can do every single day.

Address: 201, 2nd Floor, Deron Heights, Opp. Mahabaleshwar Hotel, Baner Road, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045

5. Multifit – Multiple Branches (Kalyani Nagar, SB Road, NIBM Road, Aundh, Kharadi, Kothrud, Baner & More)

There’s really not much to say about Multifit that hasn’t already been said. One of the biggest fitness chains in all of India, they are more fo a community than a gym. With several branches in Pune, they have a whole host of functional training programs – customized circuits, boot camps and outdoor training (Calisthenics.)
This multitude of training programs will ensure that you never get bored.

Head on over to Multifit if you’re looking for a complete fitness experience. Or even if you aren’t entirely sure what type of fitness program is right for you. If you’re tired of the usual gymming, you’ll never be at a dearth of other options like HIIT, Martial Arts, Spinning, and other forms of Strength and Conditioning Training.

6. Vinsfit – Functional Training & CrossFit Studio At Viman Nagar

The last but definitely not the least entry in our list of best functional training (CrossFit) training studios in Pune, Vinsfit is another gym dedicated solely to cross-functional training.

Featuring programs like TRX Training (suspension weight-training), Calisthenics (Outdoor training), Crossfit, all their workouts use real-world equipment like bands, balls, free weights, and plyometric exercises in an attempt to condition the body in an unstable environment. We guarantee you’ll find your money’s worth at Vinsfit if you’re a CrossFit or functional training enthusiast.

Address: New Airport Road, Sakore Nagar SrNo 31/4 Near Short Soccer, Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

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