What is Folk Fitness?

Folk Fitness is the latest unconventional form of fitness inspired from the roots of India. It brings together elements of folk dance, folk music and the science of fitness into a fitness regime. This method aims to nourish and enrich all aspects of the human experience (the mind, body, and soul) and celebrate India’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.

Formed in August 2015, Folk Fitness kick-started its journey with the motive of making it India’s most significant fitness product for the world. Taking inspiration from about 122 registered folk dances, this fitness regime is a celebration of the Indian culture. It has not only received accreditation from National Academy of Sports & Medicine, Aerobics & Fitness Association of America and Fitness & Sports Sciences Association. But has also been recognized by Limca Book of Records as the only Indian fitness regime incorporating folk dances.

A completely unique cardiovascular, full-body strength, endurance and agility exercise program, Folk Fitness is designed for people of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels.

Folk Fitness Programs:

Personalizing fitness to people of every age group, Folk Fitness has:

  • Folk Fitness Yuva: for adults
  • Folk Fitness Nanhe: for kids
  • Folk Fitness Pranam: for the elderly

Here are the details:

Folk Fitness Yuva

It is a specially designed workout routine. It enhances mindfulness, cardiovascular ability, core strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Folk Fitness Nanhe

It is a specially designed workout routine. It enhances mindfulness, agility, hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills.

Folk Fitness Pranam

It is a specially designed workout routine. It enhances relaxation, mindfulness, and daily functional fitness.

What it offers?

  1. Training and Certification
    Ever thought of pursuing a career where you get to work-out and impart fitness and health to others as well? The core aim of Folk Fitness is to offer Folk Fitness Trainer certifications – a perfect blend of in-person training and online learning, transforming a fitness enthusiast to a fitness entrepreneur. Today, it stands tall with more than 900 trainers across the country.
  2. Folk Fitness Employee Fitness Solution
    Did you know 85% of employees in corporate offices suffer from lifestyle-related chronic diseases while 2% of the capital spent on the workforce is lost due to chronic diseases? The form has a proud track record of extensive corporate wellness programs of more than 4 years. It enriches the lives of more than 35,000 corporate citizens. They conduct tailor-made fitness campaigns and workshops for corporates with them investing less 2% of their time.
  3. Fitness Curriculum in Schools:
    In today’s globalized world where children are introduced to a lot of western fitness concepts and sports, Folk Fitness strives hard to make the upcoming generation more aware about India’s rich folk culture. At the same time, the kids also have fun being a part of their engaging fitness sessions. Today, the brand has proudly imparted their fitness curriculum to more than 10 schools in two cities, and this is just the beginning.
  4. Folk Fitness at Events:
    If you’re at a marathon, a corporate seminar or a fitness education workshop, you’re most likely to engage in a Folk Fitness Workout! Right from the brand’s inception, Folk Fitness has been actively involved in marathons as a part of their warm up and cool down sessions. It has also conducted energizing fitness sessions in various events across the country.

The pillars behind the brand:

“Mind” of Folk Fitness – Aarti Pandey

“Body” of Folk Fitness – Manoj Upreti

“Soul” of Folk Fitness – Ashwin Pandey

 “Energy” of Folk Fitness – Deepak Anand

So, what are you waiting for? Join the bandwagon and experience India’s rich culture through our electrifying Folk Fitness sessions!

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