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Welcome to the Fitato Blog. You might have stumbled upon this blog somewhere, or might have found it while searching for some fitness class in your city, but nevertheless, I want to make sure that you read what I have to say. I have been asked a ton of questions by people who faced the same problems as me, and I’ve compiled the most important ones here in the hope that you might not have to look elsewhere to answer them.

FAQ NO.1: Where do I start?


ANS: First, you must set a goal.

Well, fitness is all about goals. If you want to hit the gym, your goal could be to have a single digit body fat percentage or to have an eight-pack. If you play basketball, your goal might be to increase your vertical and touch the rim. If you are a sprinter, your goal might be to run the 100m under 10s. It can be literally anything under this sun; as long as it’s a tad bit optimistic, but well within the realm of reality.

We all have different priorities and lifestyles in life, and what we want to achieve as a mark of fitness varies from person to person. The important thing is, know what you want, and work your ass off towards it.

More often than not, this goal for a majority of people manifests in form of weight-loss. In which case, its difficult to completely understand what exactly you want; I mean weight loss is very vague and hard to use as motivation. In such cases, I only have one rule of thumb:

“When you look in the mirror, you should like what you see”

This rule works wonders for people who aren’t involved intensely in some sport, and just want to lose weight.

FAQ NO.2: Must I get a gym membership if I want to get/stay fit?

ANS: Absolutely Not!

fitato pass

I mean, you can if you want to, but you don’t have to. I think the most commonly made mistake in India is the correlation of fitness with the idea of hitting the gym. That stereotype is exactly what we at Fitato are out to break! Fitato can be as imaginative and holistic as YOU WANT. The possibilities are literally endless. And you know what’s better than trying to pick one form of fitness from hundreds to choose from? Experimenting with ALL of them.

You could go to a yoga class Monday morning before breakfast, an MMA class after lunch on Tuesday, and a swimming session on Thursday evening. If you feel a bit freaky, even a Capoeira class Sunday morning. No one can tell you that only one thing is good for you. We as humans are evolved to adapt to our environment using our bodies to carry our intellect. We can literally condition our minds and bodies to do what we want, and have fun in the process!!

You could easily check out more on this on the Fitato app. We give you access to hundreds of different fitness classes at ONE PRICE. Now all you have to do is get up and go!

FAQ NO.3: What exercise will help me lose weight the fastest?


ANS: It’s ignorant to think that it takes only exercise to lose weight. FOOD is just as important. 

It took me a long time to realize this, but food actually has a vital role in your body management, Our bodies are like balloons. The more you put into it, the more it blows up. So if you don’t put so much air into it, it won’t blow up so much. There is a rule of thumb for this;

“Fitness is 80% about diet, and 20% about exercise”

So if you eat properly, and don’t work out at all, even then there is a high chance of you achieving your goal. As opposed to hogging out on carbs and fat all day long and spending countless hours in the gym trying to sweat it all out.

FAQ NO.4: I hate running, but how will I lose weight if I don’t run?


ANS: CARDIO does not always equal RUNNING

We as humans have a bad habit psychologically knows as ‘imprinting’. It means latching onto the first bit of information that we get and treating it as absolute.

Cardio, by definition, is Cardio-Vascular workouts. It basically means that during your workout your heart should beat at a certain beat per minute (which depends upon your age). So, essentially, you could be doing anything on this planet that makes your heart race and that would count as cardio!! I personally love hitting the gym. And my workouts are designed in such a way that I get the required heart rate during my workout itself. Which means that I strength train my muscles, and lose weight at the same time.

So, no cardio does not mean running. you could go for an MMA class, capoeira class, yoga, indoor cycling, or any of the other hundred-odd options that you could get off the Fitato app, and fulfill your daily cardio requirement.

FAQ NO.5: I’m insecure about my body, and feel very shy about hitting the gym/fitness studio among other better bodies people. What should I do?

ANS: Well, your body is your own. If you get fat and die of a heart attack, you’ll be the one at loss. Not the people who were staring at you in the gym when you went for your daily workout. 

I think people mistake the real purpose of a gym. (I use the example of a gym as it is the most popular place for people to go) Gyms are not made for people to get buff, and make amazing muscles. Its made for people to get FIT. Fitness means, at least, having the proper weight according to your age and height. So technically speaking, the hunky guys that stare at you in the gym are the odd ones out; not you. They’re the ones who have invested so much of their time into their bodies. You’re just trying to lose weight. What’s the big deal in that?


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