Most people who read the title will equate the intention of this blog with the 15-min-workouts-to-do-in-the-hotel-room and make-and-carry-your-meals articles. I personally believe in enjoying travel, without adding elements of everyday life in it. What is the point of the travel if you are going to fuss
over workouts and not even enjoy the local delicacies the place has to offer?

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Both your exercise and meals can be managed to a certain degree through trip planning, so you need not fret about little things when you are travelling.

Exercising during your travel

First of all, let us talk about exercise. Here are a few ways to get some exercise during your travels:

Terrain Choice

Find out the terrain, sightseeing and local transport options available in your place of travel. In hilly terrain, there will be options of treks and because treks are awesome. So, you ought to include them in your itinerary. In flat terrain, try and walk through the city. Or cycle, since most areas have rental cycles.

Sightseeing Plan

Try to cluster the tourist attractions that you plan to visit such that they are within walkable distances to each other and instead of hiring a cab, you can either walk or cycle between them.

The best part about this piece of advice is that each person is comfortable with various distances and each person sets a different amount of time for their sightseeing.

On my recent trip, my friends and I were comfortable walking the 12km distance from McLeodganj to Dharamshala to visit the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association. We had the time and we visited every place that interested us along the way.

In an area that hilly and at those temperatures, we got a good amount of workout. In places like Thailand and Goa, you can always cycle around most places. In more cosmopolitan places like Singapore, London, Dubai, etc. you may only be able to walk around the clusters of tourist attractions, which is still a considerable distance. Also, in such places the chances are that your hotel will have a 24hr gym and then you can have quick workouts after getting back.

Eating Right During Your Travel

Let us now take a look at planning meals.

Local Cuisine Research

Find out about the local cuisines. This will help you gauge and workout your eating options. Plan your protein intake based on these dishes and decide the proportions of everything according to your goals.

There is no need to skip out on any of dish. Try as many delicacies as you would like to. Only change the proportions of each based on your diet goals.

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DonÔÇÖt feel guilty if you wanted to try out the desserts as well – have them in moderation. Share the desserts so you do not end up having them all. It is, after all, a vacation that is meant for enjoyment.

Meal- Time Plan

Find out about popular cafes, restaurants and other places that come highly recommended and which you will want to include in your travel. You will have an idea about their menu and you can fit in your sightseeing in a way that you will end up at these places in your meal times.

Multiple smaller meals are healthy to have, and you can bank on that as you travel by having small meals at every eatery you fancy, throughout the day.

Carb- Intake

Add more carbs to your meals. You need more carbs to supplement all the cardio you will be engaging in through walking and cycling while you travel and then you require slightly more carbs than you probably consume when you are on your regular routine.

If you have very few carbs when you are only getting cardio workouts, you will lose muscle. This also means that more eating options open up for you in your travels.

Snack On-The-Go

Carry snacks. With all the walking and exploring you are doing, it is totally possible that you will have the urge to munch on something intermittently. It is always better to nibble on healthy snacks.

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My go-to snacking options are mixed dried fruits and nuts that I carry in little zip locks and protein bars. I carry these in my purse and have a couple of bites along the day.

In The End

Travelling is meant for the soul. There are so many aspects of travel that are not only wonderful but are quite essential for personal growth. It is not fair, then, to always be on guard. Enjoy the travel. Plan for it well so you need not stress. Make memories, rejuvenate, grow as a person.

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