What’s the first thought you have when you see any fitness post on Facebook or a video of your friend pulling weights at the gym on Insta? Do they help or hurt your fitness goals?

Do you get started on a fitness regime and aspire to be healthy? Or do you get in front of a mirror, crib about your body, start feeling low and snuggle back in your bed? Well, a study claims that one way or the other it affects you.

Social Media In India

Social media in India is growing at a really fast pace. India’s owes it to Ambani for taking the internet to the masses. According to TRAI, India had over 560 million internet users in 2018 and we all know it ’s ever increasing.

With that, the number of people accessing social media has taken a leap too. Statista reveals that there are 226 million social media users in India.

the rise of social media

As people start using social media, they also feel the urge to share milestones in their life on social media. And fitness milestones are among the top shared things on facebook. According to dailyhunt, nearly 30% of the Indian youth posts their workout videos on a weekly basis.

Not just that, posts like from fat to fit, weight lifting targets, abs and muscles pictures flood social media every day. To top that, fitness brands also use social media actively to talk to their consumers.

But how does all this fitness chatter on social media affect you?

The Study

A study conducted in 2018 by  Texas University claimed that the content people see related to health, fitness and workout impacts them directly. Now, isn’t that a bit obvious too? We spend more time with our phone screens than any of the people around us. Don’t deny it.

But that’s not the part that stood out to us. The co-author of the study, Stephen Rains, Associate Professor at the University of Arizona, US claimed that the results were mixed.

So, how can you react to these posts?

fitness posts on social media

You could let it affect your mental health

There were people in the study for whom the social media fitness posts acted as a depressant and they become over-conscious about their weight. And there were also some who got motivated by the posts, got interested in exercising and even tried to stay healthy.

As and when you see all those people working out, eating all the healthy foods, showing off their perfect abs or triceps or toned legs, you could choose to body shame yourself. We are not saying it, the study says it.

All these posts, from your friends, colleagues, people you barely know, can make you feel insecure and inferior. You may even feel left out. Not a part of the ‘clan’.

But, is that the only way to react to these? Of course, not!

You could let it help you get healthy

Now, this is the reaction we would recommend you. Whenever you see some post about a tasty salad your friend tried out, try it out yourself. You might just love it. Or when you see someone’s workout video, think of the fitness activity you would enjoy and head out to do that.

According to the study, these posts have a strong impact and can instil upward emotion within you. They can be aspirational and act as the motivation you need to get going.

But how do you make sure that these posts help you and not hurt you? Here’s how.

How To Use Fitness Posts For Motivation

Don’t Judge A Fish By Its Ability To Fly

Well, in this case, you are the fish. You see a person lifting weights and you start feeling bad about how you would never be able to get there.

First of all, never say never. And secondly, lifting weights is not the only way to get fit. Perhaps, that person can never beat you in a run. Or can never dance the way you do.

So, find what is your thing- the fitness activity you enjoy and not what others enjoy and do that.

fitness posts get going

Don’t Believe In The Delusion Of A Perfect Body

Let’s face it. There is no perfect body but there is always a healthy body. As we keep saying- don’t crib about getting the perfect curves or abs, get fit. That’s all that is needed.

Aim for stamina, strength, flexibility. Aim for a healthy body, a peaceful mind and successful relationships a.k.a good social, mental and physical health.

Follow The Right People Or Pages

Everyone wants to be a fitness expert. Half of them don’t even know how to squat properly. What we are trying to say is that curate your feed so that you get the right fitness motivation.

For instance, refrain from following brands to share transformation fitness stuff like fat to fit. They are propagating a false idea of fitness, unlike Fitato. Being slim is not being fit. You can also follow these Instagrammers for the right fitness motivation.  

We have been and will always motivate you to get fit. Shedding extra kilos is just a part of your fitness journey, not the destination.

In The End

In conclusion, what we are trying to say is that you need to take charge of your own life and your fitness journey. You choose how fitness posts affect you and don’t let them get the better of you.

You choose where your fitness motivation comes from (Try Fitato’s Facebook page, maybe) and you choose to get inspired.

And as they say, never let anything get you down!

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