We see it all the time. You meet a friend, you get talking, and they confide in you “I really want to lose weight. I want to be super fit in four months. I’m going to start my fitness journey tomorrow!”

They seem completely sure of the fact that they are going to achieve their dream physique within the next four months. But when you meet them after a year, they look exactly the same. So, what went wrong? Why were they unable to carry out something that they obviously wanted to achieve?

They probably didn’t mentally prepare themselves and didn’t plan the lifestyle changes that they needed to make in order to become a healthier, fitter version of themselves. Here are a few suggestions that could help you adopt a mindset more conducive to weight loss.

  1. Be 100% sure of your decision

You have decided to embark upon this health and fitness journey. It isn’t always going to be easy. There isn’t always going to be a healthy food alternative available, and you aren’t going to be motivated to work out every single day. But you have made this decision, and it is going to make your life much, much better. Stick to your decision even under unfavorable circumstances, and you will be rewarded by a better quality of life.’

 2. Decide your goal weight

Find an online BMI calculator, and find out what the ideal weight for your height is. Decide a weight range that is ideal for you, and keep it in mind as you go about your fitness journey. A predetermined weight range is far more reliable, not to mention healthier, than the goal of becoming “thin” or “skinny”.

  1. Everyone won’t be completely supportive of your new lifestyle

You have made this big decision in your life, and you expect everyone to be supportive, and help you along your fitness journey. I’m sorry to tell you that this won’t always be the case. There are always going to be family members and friends who are going to force you to eat an extra serving of dessert or will try to convince you to miss a workout in order to attend a social obligation.

At such times it is important to remember why you decided to become healthier in the first place and to always keep your ultimate goal in mind.

  1. Make yourself accountable

Inform as many people as you can about your weight loss/fitness endeavors. This will constantly keep you in check, especially at social gatherings.

  1. Never doubt your abilities

Every single person has the ability to succeed in a healthy lifestyle. If someone like me, who refused to eat anything that wasn’t dripping in butter or ghee, can now eat an oil-free vegetable stir-fry with the same amount of enthusiasm, you can definitely do it too.

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