Working out can sometimes feel like such a chore, right? Go to the same gym every day, try out the same exercises and the same routine day in and day out.

We all get an occasional case of the workout blahs. For a long time, I played out the same scenario over and over each day: I’d make a plan for an after-work sweat session, but then around the time i would get off work, I’d start this incessant stare-down with my sneakers.

There they sat, in the corner of my office, mocking me, taunting me: “You don’t really want to lace us up and push yourself. Your couch is so comfy. You work too hard; just go home and relax. You deserve it.”

Here are some tips and tricks for battling the blahs and finding motivation:

1.Mentally Prepare Yourself

It’s a lot easier to make exercise enjoyable if you have mentally prepared yourself for it. I personally like to exercise in the morning, so I set the alarm on my phone, put the phone on the study table (so that I can’t turn off the alarm in a sleepy haze when it rings in the morning). So before going to bed at night, I mentally prepare myself for the next morning’s workout. I also like to put out my workout clothes for the next morning, so that I don’t waste any of that precious morning time.

2.Eat Something Before Your Workout

It is very important to properly fuel yourself before and after your workout. Many people exercise on an empty stomach because eating something before strenuous physical activity makes them nauseous. The key is to eat something small and calorie dense 15-20 minutes before your workout, like a handful of dates, a whole grain toast with peanut butter, or a banana in order to give you some energy for your workout. It will help with your endurance levels as well as your general mood during the workout.

3.Exercise Somewhere That Motivates And Excites You

Whether it’s at a gym, a walking track or a park, exercise at a location that makes you happy. People love working out at the gym, since they are motivated by the fit individuals surrounding them, and they can choose different methods to workout, thus reducing the risk of monotony. You could also try out different activities such as Kickboxing, Yoga, Zumba or swimming in order to exercise different muscle groups and to diversify your exercise routine.

4.Get Yourself A Workout Buddy

This is a pretty common tip, but a very effective one. It’s a great way to not get bored, and maintain a brisk pace. You can talk about anything under the sun, catch up on each other’s lives, or just offer silent support to each other. Working out with another person makes exercise fun and less of a chore. You could even compete with each other, and make the workout more effective.

5.Make A Workout Playlist

Another common tip, but also very effective. Compile a playlist of fast-paced songs that you enjoy listening to. Listening to songs takes your mind off the grueling workout, and transports you to another world. Listening to songs with a fast beat will automatically make your workout harder.

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