What Fitness Means To Me!

Looking back at the little kid that I was, I think I’ve done pretty well for myself in terms of transforming my physique and getting fitter. Though I must say that my fitness journey has been a roller-coaster ride. Would you believe me if I told you that I’m still lighter than I was when I was about 5 inches shorter and just 13 years old? Well, I was a fat kid, but we always had a choice. We all have it, no matter what shape or stage of life we may be at.

I decided that the low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence, coupled with the constant quest for loose shirts would prevent my tyres from being seen needed to stop. Couple this emotion with the fact that we were just entering high school and of course – girls. This meant that extreme measures needed to be taken…life changing measures! I believe that in order for real change to kick in, you genuinely need to find your motivation, whatever it may be!

It could mean impressing someone, proving a point to a friend, or just achieving a goal you have in your mind, but only when you REALLY want it, will you work for it.

So I joined a cricket coaching, went to practice twice a day through the two-month summer vacation, and returned skinny to school. But this wasn’t really fitness! It was just bad eating habits coupled with a lot of cardio. I understood the true meaning of fitness when I found my calling on the football field at college. Playing for a team meant you needed to be fit, have endurance and stamina which required daily practice. And then, of course, a good amount of strength for which I hit the gym.

College and club football ended, and it became more of a recreational activity. But I kept at it in the gym – more for mental peace and an escape than anything else. Here’s where I truly understood what fitness meant to me. Physical condition improved, I could see veins in places I hadn’t ever. There were bumps and striations that I’d only seen on movies stars. And more importantly, I went to bed every night with the best feeling in the world –

It’s then that I realized that fitness for me is more about the journey, not about how I am supposed to look. I’ll never be good enough or ripped enough in my own eyes. Always chasing an elusive image of myself isn’t how fitness worked. I knew I’d strive to excel every day and that’s more than what I could ask for.

If the 13-year-old me saw a photo of the 23-year-old me, he’d definitely be proud!

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