Here’s what the Fitato clan was up to in this month!  Keep an eye out on the Fitato Exclusives section of your Fitato App and join us on our little adventures with the Fitato Family.

1. Drumming Your Way To Happiness (1st July): 

Fitato conducted a djembe session where everyone came together and drummed their worries away. The soothing beat of the drums and the rooftop ambiance was the perfect stimulant for us to connect to our souls. This calming Djembe session was followed by a fun, interactive session conducted by International Strength and Conditioning Coach Mayank Deo.
He conducted a small workshop where he talked about the various aspects of fitness and healthy living.

2. Pune’s Biggest Yoga Carnival (8th July)

The city of Pune came together at Classic Rock Cafe, Kalyaninagar to take part in our 3rd Yoga Carnival and celebrate the beautiful art form that is Yoga.

Fitato brought together, the top instructors in the city to provide a truly memorable experience.
After successfully executing the event for the last two years in a row, this year the carnival was even bigger. It featured a wide range of yoga forms and styles, teachers from diverse backgrounds. It was an awesome environment with yoga games and challenges, soothing music and exciting giveaways for all the Fitato members who took part!

3. Corporates Come Together With Fitato (11th, 12th, 13th July)

A very warm, happy and fun-filled two days at the Infosys Office in Hinjewadi, Pune followed by a marathon run with all the good people from the office.

4. Slipping And Sliding to Glory (14th July)

When it comes to soap football, it doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran player or a beginner. When you step onto the soap-laden, heavily cushioned plastic floor, everyone’s equal. Even if you’re the best dribbler on Earth, you know you’ll be slipping and falling on the soap anyway. A less competitive and a much more fun version of the sport, everyone who took part had a gala time and were literally, “swept off their feet.”

 5. A Trek To Rajgad Fort (22nd July)

The Fitato community opened its doors to outsiders as well and took everyone on a much-needed break away from the city on a trek to the picturesque Rajgad Fort. The lush trails, tranquil lakes, and lush greenery at every turn made it an experience worth remembering for everyone.

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6. Tapping Into Tranquility With Sound Meditation (31st July)

Sound Meditation involves the practice of deepening meditation with the use of sound and music. For thousands of years, sound has been used in ancient cultures to ease anxiety and promote a sense of well being. Lie down, close your eyes and let the waves of sound wash away your worries and cleanse your cluttered mind.

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