Every month, we make it a point to enjoy exclusive events that promote fitness and well-being with our Fitato Community. The aim is to make fitness fun and create ever-lasting memories with the Fitato Fam.

And the month of September was as eventful as it could get. We enjoyed some of the most adventurous and unconventional fitness events this month.

Here are all the Fitato Exclusives Events we relished in the month of September.

Fitato Fitlyt Championship

For the first time ever, we hosted Fitato Fitlyft, a Powerlifting Championship in Pune. It was conducted under the guidance of our in-house World Powerlifting Champion, Sehej Maini. With more than 80 participants, the event brought some of the most promising Powerlifters in town in limelight.

From breaking stereotypes to challenging limits, Fitlyt invariably was our favourite Fitato Exclusive Event for the month of September.

Fitato Fitness Fiesta

This month had a lot of firsts. While the Fitato community in Pune enjoyed its first Fitlyft championship, the Hyderabad community took part in its first-ever Fitness Fiesta.

With a series of fun fitness activities lined up one after the other, Fitato Fitness Fiesta was the coolest fitness party Hyderabad had ever witnessed.

Parkour Workshop

Holding to our commitment to make fitness fun, we let go of stereotypes surrounding Parkour. As a result, we and took part in the Parkour Workshop with Bollywood Parkour expert, Shahrukh.

Parkour, indeed, is a great way to make fitness adventurous. You can get fit literally anytime and anywhere with Parkour. All you need is the willingness to give it a try.

Boxing Workshop

Just like Parkour, we also tried to shatter myths around Boxing by indulging in a Boxing workshop. A 30-minute boxing workout is a highly effective and exciting way to get fit.

And the best part about Boxing is that more often than not, you go sparring with a partner. And the spirit of competition never lets you get bored with the activity.

Garba Workshop

We could not let our Fitato community be unprepared for the Navratri season. So, we conducted a Garba workshop to learn the dance form and get all set to rock all Garba nights ahead.

And the best part is that we got fitter while doing it. A yet another unconventional fitness activity that was so enjoyable that we still relish its memories.

Community Workouts With Captains

While September was all about being unconventional, we could not let go of our favourites. No month for us is complete until we enjoy Community Workouts with our Captains. This month we took part in Strong By Zumba by our Captain Ritika and Yoga with our Captain Mallika.

With all the energy that the Captains bring in their sessions, they invariably become the most sought after by the Fitato Community. And the most loved Fitato Exclusive Events.

Wish to enjoy such exciting events with the Fitato community? Keep an eye on the Exclusives section of the Fitato App and join us for all the fun events we’ve planned ahead.

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