The Fitato clan was up to all these fun activities in the month of October-2018!  Keep an eye out on the Fitato Exclusives section of your App and join us on our little adventures with the Fitato Family.

1. Aqua Yoga With Mallika

Aqua yoga is easier on your joints (thanks to the buoyancy effect) but more challenging when it comes to balance, due to the movement of the water. From the moment you dip into the pool, you’ll instantly feel calmer and slip into a meditative state.

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2. Archery — Relive Your Childhood Fantasy

As a kid, all of us wanted to be robbing hood, right? And I’m sure many of us got an archery set as a birthday gift somewhere. We’re finally making those childhood fantasies come true.

3. Badminton With Mallika

Badminton is one of the most fun indoor games one can play. And it’s so simple — literally, anyone can play and have a great time!

4. Garba Dancing

‘Tis the festival season. It’s time to get your dancing shoes on and dance to your heart’s content. Everybody couldn’t get enough of this fun and we had an awesome time.

5. Pop Pilates With Ritika

POP Pilates is a total body, equipment-free workout that sculpts a rock-solid core and a lean dancer’s body like nothing else can. And Fitato Captain, Ritika is an extremely fun teacher.

6. Aerial Yoga

If you like yoga — even if you don’t do it that often — you should definitely, certainly, positively consider giving Aerial Yoga a try. For us, aerial yoga is like normal yoga… times 10. Not times 10 in terms of difficulty, but in terms of how effective, fulfilling and calming it was.

7. Stress Management Workshop

Stress is inevitable! We can’t run away from it, but we can learn how to manage it and how to fight through. Here’s to learning effective ways and healthy ways to deal with your stressors.

For more information on all the different gyms and fitness activities (CrossFit, Yoga, Zumba, etc), you can try out in your city, check out Fitato. Fitato is your single membership to various gyms & fitness studios in your city. So what are you waiting for? Download the app now.

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