No month is complete for us without indulging in some super-exciting and super-fun fitness events. And so, we host a number of Fitato Exclusive events to engage, enjoy and exercise with our lovely Fitato Community.

Fitato Exclusive Events are not only our way of making fitness fun but also to bring us closer. They not only aim to make the Fitato Community physically fit but also strive to improve their mental and social well-being.

Here’s a list of all the fun Fitato Exclusive Events we took part in this month i.e. October 2019.

Yoga Carnival

Yoga carnival has become one of our favorite Fitato Exclusive Events, that we try to enjoy as often as we can. With a series of Yoga-activities hosted one after the other, Fitato Yoga Carnival witnesses some of the most unconventional Yoga sessions taken by experienced instructors.

Undoubtedly, the Yoga Carnival is known to leave the Fitato Community a lot calmer, fitter and healthier.


More often than not, we engage in some type of sports to break the monotony and add some fun to our fitness regime. This month, it was time for some good old Badminton.

With all the running, lunging, diving, and smashing, badminton serves as a great fitness activity. It is known to burn fat at approximately 450 calories per hour.

Pawna Camping

Camping is the perfect fitness activity to engage in, every once in a while. Why? First of all, it involves trekking, which serves as a great workout. Then, it allows you to spend time in the lap of nature away from the cityshor, so it’s good for your mental health. And lastly, it lets you socialize with like-minded people, friends, and family, thereby becoming an amazing booster for your social well-being.

So, this month we headed to Pawna Lake for an overnight camping trip where we enjoyed it all. From practising yoga by the lake to singing songs by the bonfire, we had a lot of fun.


October couldn’t have been complete for us without bringing home the German tradition of celebrating Oktoberfest. And as a result, we hosted Oktoberfest at multiple locations in the city to spend some fun time singing, dancing and drinking with our loved ones.

Is this giving you FOMO? Don’t worry we have a lot of fun activities planned ahead. Just check the exclusives section of the Fitato App and never miss out on any fun fitness event happening around you.

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