November was a very festive month for us indeed. Check out all that we’ve been up to in this month and keep an eye out on the Fitato Exclusives section of your App to join us on our little adventures.

1. Defying Gravity with Aerial Yoga

If you’ve never heard of Aerial Yoga, here’s a gist of it: You’ll hop into a silky sling-like hammock, which is draped from the ceiling and supports your full body weight. You’ll maneuver the fabric so that you hold poses (like headstands) or perform tricks (swings, back-flips) inside it.

Aerial Yoga requires no specialty yoga skills beforehand, is great for weight loss and most importantly, is a world of fun. It’s also zero-impact, so if you’ve been having back or joint problems, this is the perfect workout. You’ll walk out of the class feeling absolutely zen!

2. Happy Hips

Nothing like a little stretching to get those hips loose and limber. This whole workshop was about de-stressing. Under the watchful eyes of our two captains, Mallika and Kaaba, all of us got to let loose and feel our bodies and minds relax into oneness. just take a look at the pictures to see how serene it was!

3. Midnight Run Under The Stars

We make sure we go out for a lot of runs. But this is the first time we did it at the dead of night. The cool breeze, empty roads, star-studded night sky and fun people — what more could you want?

4. Football With The Fitato Family

If you’ve been a part of Fitato, you know how big fans we are of the beautiful game. We take up every chance we get to get down on the field and kick that football around for as long as we can. But we still never seem to get enough!

5. Make An Orphan Smile

We don’t just spend all of our time at the gym or holding fitness workshops. Very frequently, we make an effort to give back, whether it be cleaning drives or something like this. Although the cleaning drive wasn’t a lot of fun, this one certainly was!

We love kids and it made ours and their day when we went there to play with them. We sang and danced our hearts out and everybody had the time of their lives!

6. Rock Climbing

You must have wanted to climb Everest as a kid. Well, you don’t have to go quite that far! You’ve got options far closer to home. Rock climbing is a full body activity and is something that requires your complete attention and focus, making it a perfect stress-busting activity.

7. Salsa Nights

What’s more to say about salsa that hasn’t already been said? It’s sensuous, it’s stylish and it’s just flat-out beautiful. If you’re looking for something romantic to do with your partner, look no further. Just go into your Fitato App and head on over to the closest Salsa class!

8. Krav Maga Workshop

Nothing’s more enjoyable than living childhood fantasies. And what’s even better is to get fit while doing that. Krav Maga combines all your childhood martial arts wishes like boxing, wrestling, Aikido, judo, and karate, along with realistic fight training into a single self-defence and fighting system.

9. Badminton Tournament

We never miss a chance make fitness sporty. Badminton, coined “the fastest racket sport in the world”, is one of the finest conditioning game activities. It provides aerobic fitness.


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